Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Sumptuous Birthday Treat

To mark me turning another year older, dad and mom treated me to a dinner of my choice. I have read and heard about this new restaurant called `Isthmus' from acclaimed food bloggers such as fatboybakes and masak-masak - and it was highly recommended! Being a fusion lover myself, i was quite keen to try it out..

And yeah, we had a very enjoyable meal and the food was certainly up to expectation. And the service was great too.

Oh, but what I didn't expect was to see mr fatboy there! Well, guess he's a regular there and was there entertaining his group of friends..

Will let the pictures tell the `story'... (burp)

In front of one of the new restaurants at North Point Mid Valley...

A refreshing mango salad with a fancy name that i can't recall

another starter - an absolutely yummy avocado fritter

dad's lamb shank with Chinese style sauce

mom's poached cod - a `special' of the nite

My lovely `passion steak'

The tiramisu. Our other dessert - a lovely orange cheesecake was `attacked' by dad before I could snap a pix!

A pix outside the restaurant after our satisfying meal..


Adrian Choo said...

happy birthday. again! haha

jacqui_woo said...

belated happy birthday, ee tan!! :) forever young at heart!

jesscet said...

adrian: thanks, again ;)

jacqui: thanks! yep, want to be young at heart though not in statistics! u have a good holiday too.. :)

boo_licious said...

Happy Birthday again! Glad u liked Isthmus. Yeah, the fatboy is a regular there since he is good friends with the owner.

HL said...

Hey your food pictures are quite good now! ;)

jesscet said...

boo: thanks again :)

hl: is it? could do better actually.. next time! ;)