Thursday, December 28, 2006

New is NOT always better


This sleek-looking Motorola Ming A1200 has been mine for two weeks. It's no longer.

You see, earlier this month, I wanted a phone-cum-PDA but yet I didn't want a bulky one. So when I was at a reputable phone shop in Hong Kong and a sales assistant highly recommended this phone that also has the `looks' to boost, it seemed just `perfect'! It has a sleek design and a touch-screen, with sufficient PDA features. So I bought it there and then for HK$2880 (around RM1,400)

But alas, I have learned my lesson as a impulsive shopper! I should have done my research when it comes to products like phones.. but instead, I just bought into what the salesman told me.. and of course, he elaborated on all its attractive functions only.

And when I started using the phone, I realised it is so user-UNFREINDLY! Especially when sms-ing.. Gosh, because I can only do it through keypad or handwriting, it is so SUPER SLOW!! I earlier thought since I could write quite fast on my PDA, I could do the same here.. but NO, it is just so slow and there is always a gap between writing each letter!

Argh! Writing and replying SMS became a real pain when using this phone :(

A few days after using it, I was already quite unhappy and wanted to sell it off. But when I inquired at a phone shop near my place, I was told it would fetch RM1K the most.. which would be more than RM400 lost for me!

Five days earlier, I placed an auction ad over Lelong. But I guess my asking price was a bit high I didn't get any bidder at all till now.

Well, I did think of sticking with it (at least it looks and feels pretty) , and also tried to get used to its inadequecy. BUT, the more I used it, the more frustrated I became!

Yesterday, after lamenting about it to a friend who told me I should just sell it off even if the price was lower than I wished. I agreed with her and have made up my mind to just do it!
Late last night, I spent hours transferring all my contacts back to my old phone and deleting all the data in the new phone, packed up all the cables and accessories back to the box.

Today, I went back to the phone shop which offered to buy my phone earlier and sold my Motorola Ming for RM1,000.

So, i lost RM400 for two weeks of using the phone AND for a leasson learned. Now I am back to using my trusted Nokia which is so so convenient to use especiallyt to sms!

To be honest, I am now thinking why would I need a new phone in the first place?


Ruth said...

I can relate, that's for sure. I still miss my old Nokia where SMS-ing was such a breeze. The buttons were so nicely designed, for one. But I guess I'm lucky - I "inherit" my phones because my Dad is a cellphone junkie (he buys three or four a year!). My latest inheritance is a 3G phone which I barely know how to use. It's not as sms-friendly and keeps prodding me with inane questions like, "Are you sure you want to delete?"

Yup, big is not always better!

jesscet said...

u're lucky indeed.. well, i learned my lesson :( and nothing can beat a user-friendly phone! Forget about it being the latest gadget! :P