Friday, December 08, 2006

@ Padific Coffee, IFC, HK

Yes, just hours later, and i'm on line again! Got to HK at about 4-ish and then took the rail express to Hong Kong - where my sis' office is. Poor girl is still stuck at work so I am just `touring' the IFC mall which I don't really mind.. hehe.

Wanted to go to Starbucks at first but the queue there was just shocking! never seen this kind of line for F&B places in KL.. well, Pacific Coffee seems a little pricey but has like 5 Internet terminals which suit me fine.

Guess sipping my Cafe Mocha and being online is a way of curbing my spending.. can't guarantee what i will buy if I like myself wander away in this nice mall... :p

Only five and a half days of my time here to be exact.. won't list out the places to visit and things to do but just say it's gonna be quite busy days of itinerary ahead..

Time to sign off.. again! ;)


It's HL said...

aiyo, the green is unreadable!

daybee said...

Enjoy HK! ;) One of my all-time favourite cities in the world! I remember Zara being at IFC (I loveee Zara in HK - so affordable!)

jesscet said...

daybee: thanks..:) yep, HK is one place i won't get tired off.. some more my sis and my nephews and niece are there!

its hl: yeah its straining on the eyes but still can read.. can't change the colour here..!