Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Pondering

It's only 2 more days to Christmas and it doesn't feel quite like it...

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and peace.. but just in the last three days I've encountered a couple of bad news from friends..

A good friend had a bad car accident and is still undergoing a series of operations for her fractured bones in various parts of the body. Her passenger who I also know is in a more critical condition..

Then last night, another friend just told us that they just found out her husband has got end-stage cancer..

All these happened so suddenly and in a way I don't really know how to respond.. Have been feeling quite heavy-hearted over these news.. And at the same time, it made me realised that life is indeed so fragile and precious..

Knowing that these friends are going through so much challenges, it has put a damper in the Christmas celebration mood.. All that comes to mind is, maybe it's time that we slow down our pace of life and spend more time with our loved ones..

On a separate note, priase God that the Christmas party went well last night at church. Coordinating an event like this wasn't an easy task but I really thank God for a few friends who really put in lots of efforts.. Perhaps the only `regret' was that I've been so caught up with the organising and that it didn't allow me much time to mingle much nor speak to new friends.

Will be having a dinner at home tomorrow night with family before going for a concert - to review for freelance work..

So it's just a day away from Christmas. And somehow it didn't feel like it.


boo_licious said...

I guess this year, a lot of people are not feeling the Xmas spirit. Sorry to hear abt Pat and yr other friend. Do send her my regards and hope she gets well soon.

P/s hope u liked yr small pressie - I specially picked the purple one for you.

jesscet said...

yeah, will send pat your regards when i visit her next..

yep, like the cute pendant. hehe, i sorta guessed u purposely pick purple!

p.s. hope you like my little pressie too (to ornate ur nice long hair) ;)