Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sweet Alexis - little miss photogenic


How I miss little Alexis... !

This series of shots was taken during our Macau outing at St Paul Ruins on Tuesday - she was in her posy mood and kept going to the steps saying `cheese' - smiling and posing away to urge me to take more shots of her!

And over the phone from HK just now, little Alexis was the one who was most willing to wish me `Happy Birthday, yi yi!' - and even repeated it thrice with her sweet `manja' voice..

Awww... isn't she just adorable? ;)


Anonymous said...

The only photos you post for your HK trip is Miu Miu. She is such a star! She indeed is very adorable...


jesscet said...

actually i'm going to post more on HK but just couldn't resist to put sweet miu miu up first! ;)