Sunday, September 24, 2006

Looking forward to ... :)

Just did a count(down) - 23 more working days to go and then I am FREE!!

To think of it, it's quite timely to quit at this time.. as according to past experience, my last month of service will be rather quiet - as it is the fasting month. In fact, I'm even tempted to take two days leave at the end so I leave before Raya. Will think about that...

Sis and nephews and niece will be back end of Oct for week, in conjunction with mom's birthday. Can't wait to see the kids!, especially little Alexis.. All three of them got loads of presents waiting for them already. Originally dad and mom were supposed to go HK a couple of weeks back but the trip was canceled.

Nov will be a time of relaxing/lepaking. But 2nd half of the month, I'll be given the responsibility to look after the house and grandma and a new maid (also with a current one) when dad and mom go to Australia a two-week holiday with their friends. And when they return.. hehe, it's my turn.

Since I've already decided to take a break till end of the year, I thought I should seize the opportunity to travel a bit! I'll still go to Hong Kong as planned long time ago, but that doesnt seem enough :p (since HK is so familiar already) I'll also be going to Taipei!

I've only been to Taiwan once and that was more than 20 years ago! I chose the place as it fits in my travel route nicely.. and best of all, managed to find a friend who is keen to go there too!
Was busy calling travel agent over Fri-Sat to book since it's Matta Fair now. It wont exactly be budget though as we are going on free-and-easy. So have to fork out some of my last month's pay and bonus..

So it will be a 10-day holiday for me in early December - 4 days in Taipei and 6 days in Hong Kong. Planned to go Disneyland, catch up with friends and maybe Macau if there's time... Will be back for my birthday and Christmas.. (errr.. not really looking forward to the former though!)

Gasp! And then.. that will be the end of 2006 already! :0


lainey said...

alexis is SOoooooooooo cute! love those cheeks :P

jesscet said...

yeah.. that pix was taken in August. By Oct, she probably has grown up more already! :)