Sunday, September 10, 2006

'Tis an unpredictable (work/dog) life

Some unpredictable situation is happening at work place. Yep, I can't disassociate myself with it yet since i'm still working till end of next month..

One thing about my job is that it's REALLY unpredictable.. I mean the work schedule and work load.. From Monday when I finished the usual columns and stuff, it looked like I was looking forward to a rather easy work week.. But then by mid-week that `crisis' happened, and at the same time, new and unexpected assignments have just cropped up..!

So it will be a REAL busy Monday.. starting with a meeting and then a few stories to finish and even supposed to go for an interview to which I don't know whether I can manage to do so! And at night, there is a meeting at church..

Not that I really had that much rest over the weekend. Needed to get up real early this morning for worship duties and Jelly had to act strange the whole night! She refused to sleep and was barking non-stop from her crate.. since around 1am till wee hours of the morning! I went down like four times to take her out, feed her, pacify her and then yest she was still making noise! I then let her sleep in my room.. But a hour or two later, she was restless again..

At one stage I felt like yelling and even crying at her! Gosh, now I can understand what mothers and fathers with young cyring babies feel.

I think I only managed to doze off for 2 hours or so in total.. was surprsied how I managed to keep awake the whole morning. Finally, came home and then caught up with a couple hours of sleep in the afternoon.

I bathed Jelly this afternoon and now she is sitting next to me like usual.. Just hope she would be back to her normal self tonite..sigh..

Now, I have to burn some midnight oil to do some work, or else I could never finish it tomorrow!!

What a start to another week...

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