Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jojo, please get well..

I feel sad.. because Jojo is looking so sad and is totally not himself.. :((

He moves slow and also responds slow.. he is so lethargic, as if he is ill. Even when I opened his cage door, he normally would leap out but now he would just remain motionless... looking at me with his sad eyes.

But thank God he still eats although slower than normal.

Maybe he is still hurting from the operation.. or could it be the castration also has a mental effect on him?? Jelly did not suffer at all after spaying.. or is it different for male dogs?

I feel like crying.. ppl including experts had told me neutering will do him good. But why is he like that? I really hope and pray that he will recover soon and be back and to his usual self.

Update Wednesday 11pm:
Jojo has recovered! :) When I came home and opened the automatic gate, he sneaked outside for his rendevous just like before. And when he came back, he was runing towards me and even leapt on me.

I'm so happy and relieved that he is back to his normal self.. but whether his behaviour will improve or not remained to be seen...


Ruth said...

My friend's dog couldn't move much the first few days too. I think it's okaylah ... if not, you can bring him to the vet to see if he's ok.

jesscet said...

yeah, you're right.. guess i was over- worried. Am so so glad to see him back to normal.. never saw him so pathetic before! :p