Friday, September 22, 2006

Mid-Week Birthday Dinner

Many of my friends are camera shy, or rather blog-photo shy. :p But since it was a special day ie. May Yoke birthday, I decided I shall post some pix of our dinner for her at a Japanese restaurant on Wednesday.. (they're pretty decent shots!)

It turned out to be a cosy group of six as a couple of the gals were under the weather.. We had a good time catching up with one another, laughing and basically just chilling out.. and having fun taking photos with a hi-tech phone! (For some `creative' pix, check out Shan's blog - which prompted me to post the `proper version' of the night's photos! :p )

Dinner was pretty good with rather hearty portions. Then came the cake - which was handmade by the our baking expert friend fatboy - a gift from HL all the way from `Fragrant Harbour' to the birthday girl. May was pleasently suprised and uttered `I'm so touched!'

Not meaning to purposely flatter the baker but honestly (i'm brutally honest as he claims), i thought it was probably one of the best Tiramisu cakes i've ever eaten.. if I was not watching my weight (well, trying to) I'll defintely go for a second big slice!

We continue chatting and sipping our drinks (green tea) and left about 10. Since most ppl need to sleep early to rise early the next day (me excluded)

May Yoke, blessed birthday and many happy returns of the day.. and now you're famous! hehehehe.. ;)

Birthday Girl with her pressies from us.. Posted by Picasa


May said...

Thanks Ee-Tan & everyone... had a memorable birthday :)

jesscet said...

you're most welcome.. we all had a great time too! ;)