Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sardine-like Starry Night!

Question: Where do you get the largest gathering of local celebs jam packed together?

Answer: The new Louis Vuitton store opening at Starhill Gallery, KL.

Well, I am not a party person but when I knew I was getting an (rather exclusive) invitation to the LV opening, I was quite excited and curious.. since I read about its `grand' and `stylish' parties in LV stores opening at other cities.

And curiosity kills the cat. So I went, tagging along a girlfriend since I was told I could bring a guest too.. (i might think twice to go alone actually)

The dress code as stated in the invitation card said: fabuleux Now, fabulous can be subjective right?

Anyway, I went to my friend's house to get changed.. wearing about the only dress that can fit me now..

The first thing I thought after we were `signed in' was gosh, this is gonna be CROWDED. And it was! I was told there were 600 invitations but I think there must be close to 1,000 people there..

Hmm.. the supposed illumination ceremony didn't take place but the host and VIPs cut ribbon which I didnt get to see as I was standing behind..

Then, as the official opening of the store has taken place, guests could stroll in to 6,000 sq feet split level spanking new flagship stores with fashion items that are worth hundreds of thousands or perhaps milions bucks!

I recognised a lot of faces, but half of them won't know me.. and I'm a bit cut off from the fashion scene now.. It's rally a place to be seen as it seems to me that ALL the local celebs were there! From movie actors/actresses, theatre actors, artistes, singers, models, socialites to fashion designers, corporate figures and media people.

Didn't take that many photos of celebs as most people, besides the press and official photographers, were not taking photos.. And also just too many ppl to even take them properly!

Part of the crowds in the store..!! How do you begin to even look at the display like this? We were just inching forward slowly, not to trip over our dresses..

The deejay (?) spinning some music

Just some of the display on the shelves.

close-up of two handbags and a shoe..

Bumped into celebrity freelance journalist - the flamboyant Kee H.C. who was also a paparrazi at work.

My friend managed to snap this as Kee was taking a photo of Erra.

Doing some personal paparazzi stuff myself.. caught Starhill MD Francis Yeoh chatting with pretty lasses - Carmen Soo, Rachel Tan and Lina Teoh

Finally we made it through the store and out the other entrance at Starhill Gallery. A pix for remembrance.. :p

A violinist entertaining the crowd and he plays very well

Asked for a pix with fashion designer Melinda Looi as I thought her outfit was pretty `fabuleux'!

Mee Mee and I taking a rest on the sofa.. thanks to my three-inch stilletto hills, my feet were really killing me throughout the night and I had to like find places to sit now and then.. :(

Later, we were told that the party was three floors up and were guided to this place where there were free flow of drinks - champagne, wine and hors d'oeuvre.. The amount of bottles of champagne that were opened were just amazing!! And yeah, I did had quite a number of glasses

VIP celebrity of the night - newly wed Siti Nurhaliza gave a performance with a few Malay songs.

Siti, dressed in all black and rather conservative (true to her style) was a crowd and photographer puller

It only exaggerated my (lack of) height and figure standing next to Amber Chia, who was wearing a pair of shorts!

With two fashion editors I know quite well, whom I only saw at the later part of the night.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most - besides the food and drink :p - was I didn't expect to bump into some old acquaintances and friends who I met through work over the years. It was also a good chance to network and who knows, michgt even help in my future job hunting!

We left just before midnight, when the party was still in full swing. I could already feel the alcohol's effects already. On top of that, I couldn't wait to take off my shoes!

So, it was a pretty interesting experience and I did enjoy myself though not all of the time. But I know now that I'm not made for party scene.. it's simply too tiring.. and somehow I just don't feel I'm part of these glamorous group of people..

oh, might as well devulge that I got the invite because of my sis, who has a friend who works with LV Hong Kong (quite high ranking). I didn't ask for it though but it's nice my sis and her friend thought of me. ;) Thanks for the invitation!

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