Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How do you write a good cover letter?

I just spent two hours updating my resume and improving on the laygout. And now, am taking a break as I was stuck in what I think is the hardest thing to do - writing a cover letter!

I really don't know how to `sell' myself than just write the facts.. hmm.. I even went to research on the Net and gosh, some of the cover letters are more like creative fictional tales than job applications to me.. and I just can't write like that.

Anyway, for this first `proper application', I have spoken briefly to the boss and was told to write in and enclosed my resume and some work samples.. so is an official cover letter necessary? Or something a bit less formal?

Argh..!! this is like 10 x harder to write than any articles I have written..

Maybe I shouldn't put too much pressure on myself.. after all, my cover letter 12 years ago was very basic (read: boring) yet I got the job. But then again, the job field is more competitive these days..

Brain is half dead.. and it's quite late now. Wonder whether I could finish it before bed time..

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