Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Busy (Work-Free) Days!

I'm FREE from work but so far the days have been very b-u-s-y indeed! And I feel even more tired out than when I'm working..! :p

A diary of highlights of the last few days:

Friday: Last day at work.. finished off whatever I needed to and packed up things. Just a little sentimental feeling but mostly happy! ;)

at my empty desk just shortly before leaving!

Left office by 5:30pm to go for my first personal training session - which almost killed me! (the arms and abs were hurting till a few days after) Went to Alpha in CCF followed by supper - was in a real good mood!

Saturday: Re-joined our small group vocal class after stopping since beginning of the year. Need to really work and practise harder - but happy that we're actually singing Christmas song and not the usual `a-a-a-a' technical vocal work that we were doing for so long! Had yummy Ipoh white coffee with friends and chit chatted for a while and then killed time at a mall before going to Bukit Jalil for David Tao's concert.. This was the first time in many years I was not reviewing but just watching it.. so I couldn't get clear pix as I was seated quite far away! It was a great concert - I liked the stage setting of a tropical forest - and of course his creative genres of music and superb showmanship - such a talented artiste!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself but left just before the end to beat the traffic jam.. reached home in time to say hi to sis, bro-in-law and Edgar who was still awake. Yep, they're back here a week and just great timing that I was free to bring them around!

Sunday: just a time for family and eating.. went to two restaurants nearby for lunch - to feed Doug char kuay teow AND Cantonese fried meed - and dinner at Hakka restaurant.. Felt that I had over-eaten again..! argh. Took some photos of the kids..

Sean and Alexis having fun in the jacuzzi!

Monday: celebrate mom's birthday with lunch at Jogoya at Starhill. The place was huge and we practially have to `work' for the food - quite a bit of walking around. To be honest, the food was a bit disappointing, but the two boys really enjoyed themselves running around and refilling their bowls with ice creams etc.. the cake cutting time was an `exciting' one as Edgar wanted to blow the candle off and Sean managed to cut the cake for mom! :p

Doug has to leave after lunch and the two boys were getting all sentimental and Edgar even wanted to cry!

Well, they cheered up more when I took them to see the creatures of the sea at Aquaria in KLCC.. yep, it's the start of the mall-crawling season..

The shark and stingray taken by Edgar!

Tuesday: Mid Valley Megamall - kids can't miss Megakidz for their trip here each time and I have arranged for my second PT today too.. so while I worked out - this time the lower body - they were at their own gym. After that, dad brought them home while mom, sis and I continued to shop.. it's meant to be for sis but the shopaholic in me could not help to buy things for myself too.. got some nice earrings.. ;) then volunteered to buy groceries while they continued to shop and only got home about 8:30pm for late dinner

(forgot to take photos today)

Preview: Tomorrow we will be going to 1 Utama and Thursday to Berjaya Times Square. If weather is good, Friday will be an outing to A-Farmosa Safari.. at least it won't be in the mall!


daybee said...

Your niece and nephew are adorable ;) Have fun whilst they're in town!

Sounds like you had fun watching David Tao - are you going to see Justin as well?

jesscet said...

hi! yeah..we're like the mall rats now! ;)

Yes, would love to go for Justin's concert! even if no comp, i might just buy a tix this time.. what about u? will u be back to watch it?

daybee said...

Mall rats ;) You and me both. I just finished exams so I've been doing all that I couldn't do in the last few weeks.

Yes, do buy a ticket! I will be back to watch it yes! And taking mum with me, I think. Haha! Will definitely see you there then?

jesscet said...

ok! let me know what tix u bought.. i still hope to get a comp.

enjoy your shopping! ;)