Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two Js looking good! :)

Jojo has put on some weight and looking more sturdy these days! It must have been the effect of being nuetered early last month!

Anyway, we always thought he was a little on the thin side.. so now we're glad that he looks better and healthier.. and yes, his appetite has increased too!

We haven't observed any major change in behaviour, though I think he is a bit less aggressive and `hamsup'.. but still as playful as ever!

Jojo's favourite squeky toy.. he loves any toy that makes noise!

Hmm..trying to get a bit of shade in the garden as I chased him to snap photos?

Meanwhile, Jelly's biggest interest now is to go for a car-ride! She would jump into a car whenever anyone opens a car door. So again today, she was waiting to go into my car as I was leaving for work

And as she saw my camera, she came closer to me...

Fluffy and nicely-groome Jelly is such a poser!


J said...

Awwww.... your two dogs are adorable!

jesscet said...

thanks! yes, they are my pride and joy! :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, they look so cute and adorable, unlike their real selves... just kidding!


jesscet said...

:p Jojo's better behaved but Jelly no guarantee! but don't let the kids bully her, she's `siu hei' one!