Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun festive break

Selamat Hari Raya! and belated Happy Deepavali!

Most of us have a stretch of holiday thanks to Deepavali which fell on last Sat. To those of us who are not Hindus nor Muslims, the five days off (weekend plus public holidays) just means rest and time to have fun I guess!

Now, it's only one more day left and it's back to work for me - more like wrapping up work!

Must say I've had a good time so far.. from last Friday night to today.. - nothing very extraordinary but just spending time with family, relatives, going out with friends, movie, shopping, and had a pretty strenuous workout in gym today! (and of course online as well..)

Thanks to my fitness freak friend who's also a member of CF (S'pore actually).. I did more than my usual today! But I know I needed to as my trainer just called and said the first session of P.T. will start on Thursday nite!! Anyway, it was a great workout.. and then because of the rain, we went to Starhill and it was the first time I explored the eateries there (yeah i know, am ulu these days..) the deco was interesting but pretty pricey places!

Already I can feel that my muscles will hurt tomorrow.. already feeling quite exhausted physically and plan to retire to bed earlier than usual..

Tomorrow will be going out again! (mom already commenting I'm always out.. :p) Will be treated to a long due Sashimi lunch (yummy) by uncle and then a massage session followed by tea with a friend and dinner with a couple of church friends to discuss our peer group's Christmas celebration plan.

Well.. there will be more days of outing from this weekend onwards as sis and the kids are home! But guess what? their main agenda is to visit all the major shopping malls in town/PJ! dejavu.. ;)

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Ruth said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Today I packed my things from my old place to begin life anew in another desk. It's so exhilirating. :) Starting a new thing, beginning a new chapter in your life is always so euphoric.

Best of luck in whatever you do now!