Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alarming Statistics!

Had my consultation session for personal training this evening.

Technology is really amazing - I just had to stand (barefooted) on a machine called `In-Body' and hold onto its metal-like handle for a while.. and Ta-Da! It read all the `scary statistics' for the trainer and me!

Nope, I'm not gonna divulge those stats which spelled out everything from my weight to body-fat/bones/muscles/water weight (and many others) to the ideal stats for my height and age.

It couldn't read my age of course.. haha!

Well, what I learned about my own body condition is nothing funny. In fact it is quite alarming, although I know already more or less where I stand - from my sessions with slimming centre and the measurement when I first joined the gym more than two years back.

It is confirmed that my bone structure is actually consider small - thus the weight of my bones in proportion to muscles (not much) and to my FAT is really quite SAD!! Yes, my fat weight is the heaviest - in proportion! Just base on the fat percentage alone, I'm considered obese! :(( And BMI wise, I fall in the slightly overweight category..

My trainer, after explaining in alarming tones to me all the stats, suggested a training outline AND the goals that I'm gonna achive in 12 sessions.. But mind you, after 12 sessions, I still have to work on it, but the $$$ I am to pay will be less.. There are no shortcuts nor miracles here.

And of course, to accompany this tough-sounding exercise regime, I will have to watch my diet too! After the first few strength training sessions, I will be given a nutrition guideline to follow. It didn't sound as bad as what I had to go through before (at those slimming centers) and so I am determined to follow it faithfully.

Training will commence after Raya break. In the meantime, I need to build up my stamina by doing some exercises too. I went for spinning class after that and had a great workout!

I will be measured again by `In-Body' on January 17, 2007. By then, I hope to, no, I MUST achieve the statistics target that had been set for me!


Ruth said...

Where did you take this test? I wouldn't mind taking it though I think I know what it'll say about me too! ;)

What gym do you go to btw?

Oh yeah, just a word - start slowly, or else you'll end up with injuries like me. sniff ... be sure to stretch after warm up and after cardio or else you're at risk for injuries. Yeah, after my numerous injuries I just wanna spread the word around. :)

jesscet said...

Thanks for the advice. Yes, i know what u mean.. i won't over exert myself. anyway, still waiting for the trainer to come back from his holiday!

well, i originally signed up with Sweat Club Mid Valley and now it's California Fitness. the location is convenient..are u a member of a gym, have u signed up for P.T. before?