Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Family Affair

We celebrated grandma's 88th (Chinese age 89) birthday on Sunday evening. Her actual birthday (only her lunar birthday is known) is the 19th of the 8th month which actually fell on Tuesday.

My two aunts, uncles and some cousins from Singapore drove up and most of the family members in KL turned up. So we had two full tables. But to think of it, if all the family members are able to make it, we will need at least three tables or more!

Due to a stroke she suffered several years ago, plus the onset of old age, poor grandma is immobile and also suffering from senility. She has to be `transported' on a wheelchair and somehow I feel the dinner was more a gathering for her children and grandchildren rather than for herself as she was quite oblivious to the happenings around her..

Anyhow, it gave her children and their children a chance to catch up with one another.. as most of us have not really seen each other since Chinese New Year or even longer than that! And yes, we all had a great time mingling and chatting away..

The food was good - dad chose Rasa Sayang Restaurant at Sri Petaling. We had a private room fortunately, as outside was a wedding reception complete with many rounds of`yamsengs'!

My humble present to grandma was the famous chocolate-banana cake from La Manilla - which was yummy. And with the sumptuous 10-course dinner, most of us had overeaten!

Here are some snap shots: (family members reading: feel free to `lift' any of them!)

Grandma and her loyal and helpful daughter-in-law - ie. mom ;)

Cousin Dawn from S'pore who has the misfortune of having her bag stolen just that afternoon in KLCC! She lost many valuables including her passport! Yet the optimistic gal won't let that dampen her happy spirit. :p

Cousin Nong with our cousin Chien's son Ally

The two youngest guests that night - Ally and Laura (the great-grandchildren)

Grandma and her birthday cake

Laura is all grown up and almost as tall as me!

Dawn, Denise and me taking a pix and Ally budges in!

Grandma getting ready to cut her cake

Just the gals - (standing) Dawn, Chien, (seated) Shelly, Vivian, Me and Denise

The Singaporean cousins - Dawn, Chien, Nong and Denise

The Malaysian cousins - Wei Zheng and wife Shelly, Vivian and Ee-Wang (Chien's husband Andrew is not in the pix so we are still not outnumbered!) :p

The 3rd generation gang + one 4th generation (minus others in KL, S'pore and HK)

And finally, a group photo taken but a camera-savvy Chinese waitress!

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Birthday Ah Nay. May you be healthy and happy always.. !! :)


Anonymous said...

I will make sure I come back for her 90th birthday! We should have a big celebration then.


jesscet said...

yeah! this time the grandchildren can all buy the dinner!

u're up late!?