Sunday, October 22, 2006

The `Art' of Naming Yourself.. :p

(ARGH!! earlier post got wiped-out when my PC hanged! here's a repost)

Last night, with the effect of some alcohol, we had a hilarious time in the car on the way back home from dinner.

Didn't know how the conversation went to Christian names.. and mom disclosed that both her elder sisters each have one. And she wanted one too! So she asked me to come out with Christian names that begin with `P', as her Chinese name is Pooi Yoke.

So I suggested from the top of my head names like `Patricia', `Pauline', `Polly', `Peggy', `Penny', `Priscilla'.... Bingo! she likes the sound of Priscilla! But there's a slight problem. Mom can't pronounce it - she said `pes-cil-la' and had to repeat me a few times to try to get it right!

Dad, listening to all this in amusement, chipped in to make fun of mom.. and then suddenly announced that the name `pes-cil-la' suited her. "But it sounds better to add a `ya' in front. Your name should be `Ya-pe-ci-la'," he said and went on to laugh and chant `ya-pe-ci-la', `ya-pe-ci-la' nonstop!

I burst into laughter!! I shall not divulge what that `name' means in Cantonese but those who know the dialect know it is not something nice!!

Mom was not amused.. but she still liked the name Priscilla although dad has twisted it to `Ya-pe-ci-la'. She is now officially Priscilla Chong.

Then we decided to give dad an English name!
And now, that wasn't easy as he wanted a name unique and descriptive of him.. any John, David or Michael won't do. Well, I suddenly thought of something and suggested to him jokingly that since he loves his beer, he might as well call himself `Anchor' or `Tiger' or `Calsberg'!

Guess what? Dad liked the name Anchor and said it was great for him - since Anchor sounds like `anger' (which he admits to being angry much) and of course, Anchor is his favourite beer! So yeah, he said he is now Anchor Chow!


Anyway, we also wanted to give my sis a Christian name - as everyone in her family has one - but finally didn't come out with any as she would have her own idea!

Then I announced to them that I was thinking of changing my Christian name too! Ok, I have given myself the name Jessica since my teens but everyone who knows me in person - from relatives to friends to colleagues - call me by my Chinese name. Jessica or Jess for short (and I prefer that) was used for pen pals (yes, I had from way back), subscriptions and posts in England and later as an online name/nick. Even my blog is so named now.. and my two dogs also have names beginning with J.

But I think around the beginning of the year, I started developing a fondness for the name `Erica' and thought I want to use it myself - simply because it sounds nice.. And to be honest, as I'm getting older, I feel the name Jessica doesn't suit me much.. or maybe I just get a bit `bored' of it?!

I won't trade anything for my real Chinese name (as it's pretty unique!) but now, I am considering changing my so-called Christian name to Erica! Mom said she liked Erica better too!

But if I do.. I won't have that `bond' with my two Js - Jojo and Jelly - anymore. Of course I wont rename them - they would be utterly confused! And besides changing my email address... I would probably need to change the name of this blog - hmm.. will call it `EC's two Js' - EC stands for Erica Chow.

So, what do you think? `Jess' two Js' or `EC's two Js'? Those who know me.. do you think I'm more a Jessica or an Erica? ;)

p.s. btw, Jessica means `wealthy and blessed' and Erica means `powerful and regal' - but not like ppl care much for the meaning.. mom didn't bother to ask what Priscilla mean and Anchor?! ok.. it can be means a support and security I guess :p


daybee said...

"Oh baby, Erica..." ;)

I like Erica! I was nearly named Erica (after Dad, of course)...

But I ended up being Debbie.

Anonymous said...

I like mum's name "ya-pe-ci-la". Ha ha ..... it's so funny! As for me, I really don't know. I will think about it...

Don't change to Erica, otherwise, your initial will be same as mine. And you have been using Jessica for so long already. Anyway, if you really want to, try this spelling instead: "Erika". I also thought about renaming Miu to "Alexia" instead of Alexis as it is more feminine. She is already very tom-boyish.

jesscet said...

debbie: hehe, i must admit the inspiration did come from that song of Justin! hey, but Debbie is a nice name too and me think it suits u. ;)

chin: (why u always anonymous?) Hmm.. to think of it, i may just use it as a second name. ie. Jessica Erica Chow :p Yeah, Erika is a nice variation too.. What does Alexia mean? Is it a proper English name?

daybee said...

Thanks! :) Hehe... in another variation (well, the demo version)... he sang, "Oooh baby Erica... you are my cocopops!" LOL.

Jessica and Erica rhymes - it just clicked for me :P

Anonymous said...

Alexis & Alexia mean the same "defender / protector of mankind"