Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jelly's `boyfriend' and make-over

Last night, I brought Jelly along to my cousin Chien's home mainly so that she could play with their Miniature Schnauzer Charlie! Jelly hadn't bathed for 8 days but it turned out that Charlie too was equally, if not, more smelly!

We put them together in Charlie's pan while we chatted in the house for about half-an-hour or so.. I also took both of them for a short walk. Charlie was quite well behaved but Jelly was the one getting all excited as usual and kept tugging me along!

She also seemed to be playing `hard to get' hehe.. as they got reacquainted with each other - some time back, Charlie stayed with us for a few days when my cousin went away.. (btw, if you don't know - Jelly is the one with lighter colour fur)

Took Jelly for an over-due grooming session today - it has been more than two months! Incidentally, my cousin also took Charlie for grooming today. However, Jelly's specialised `beauty salon' charged RM90 while Charlie's grooming cost only RM60 (bargained down by my cousin)

Well, she (I mean jelly) is a girl after all.. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Charlie looked so dirty! Hope to meet him when we are back.