Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Fitness Challenge!

Went to gym tonight and after 30 minutes of cardio exercise and another 20 or so of weights training, I suddenly had the urge to have a proper fitness regime that could see results!

Had been considering personal training in the past but due to time and cost factor, I had just been working out on my own and although I feel a bit fitter I know I'm not achieving enough

But soon, I would have no work hours to observe - my time will be flexible in the next two months at least! Oh, speaking of that, I just did a mental countdown - 10 more working days to go!! :D

So I did it! I signed up for personal training! (here are some of the benefits of having a personal trainer)

I was recommended the six week/ 12 sessions to start with. Two guided sessions a week with tailored program to achieve my targets - which is basically to increase fitness AND to lose fat! There will also be nutritional advice and fitness/fat analysis etc...

I plan to start during the festive time when work load had waned off..

Well, it's not cheap but not something I couldn't afford. I decided it's a worthwhile investment, even if I don't lose much weight at least I will build muscles and be fitter! It sure beats signing up for slimming treatments, which I had done before and it's all in vain now.. :(

I'm quite excited and am determined to go through with it!


hl said...

aiyo but festive season means you'll be eating away while you do ur personal training.

jesscet said...

plan to finish training by my b'day and then there's monthly follow-up (free)- that's why its more important to do it now - and get atuned to a new eating routine too

hey, u should be happy for the determination of one who's never exercised for the whole adult life till three years ago! (but again its not the same la) :p

(anyway, it's much much cheaper than any slimming course i signed up before!)

Chipmunkrock said...

agree.please don't waste anymore $$ on those slimming programs!new look for new age?

jesscet said...

i won't again! it's a lazy and non-permanent, not mentioning expensive way to lose fat.

Yep, hopefully feel and look better when i turn 3- hehe.. ;)

adrian C said...

personal training is ok but remember the main push must come from yourself k? you'll do well.