Saturday, October 07, 2006

a hazy, moonless, mid-autumn night

This was how the skyline from our home balcony looked like at midnight (taken with the `night landscape' mode on my camera) It's such a damper to those who observe the mooncake/mid-autumn festival - as the moon is supposed to be the roundest and brightest on the 15th day of the eight lunar month!

Yeah, the haze had been pretty bad for the pass two days (choke, cough). Quite depressing. But guess what? As I was beginning to post this, God sent some much needed rain! It's still raining now...and I hope it will rain more to clear the haze away

Can we look forward to some clearer weather over the weekend?


Anonymous said...

That looked bad. We had a clear sky in HK (which is unusual), and the moon was so round! Report said that this is the roundest and brightest moon in 9 years.


jesscet said...

many parts of Malaysia and Singapore are shrouded in haze lately.. with some relief thanks to the rain. hope it will clear by the time u guys are back!