Monday, October 09, 2006

The One and Only Alan Tam!

Had a good but pretty tiring weekend - highlights being Alan Tam's concert and grandma's 88th birthday dinner with family/relatives.

Went to my long time `idol' in concert last night at Bukit Jalil.. how could i miss it? It sounds crazy but I've watched him in concert (both M'sia and HK) for a total of 10 times now since 1986! And still not tired of it.. Yeah, i know some will say he's old etc.. but perhaps it is the nostalgia.. still love all his older classics way back in the 80s. That shows i'm also not young but not ashamed to admit it:)

I've actually watched this `30 Glorious Years' concert first in HK last Sept and blogged a bit on it too.. well, compared to that, I think the show was better there - in the beautiful four-sided stage and cool air-con and comfy seats at HK's Coliseum. (here is a pix from that concert)

Last nite, it was really hot and the seats were plastic chairs.. but still Alan put up a great show - only gripe is he sang too many Mandarin songs (unfamiliar and his pronunciation is quite off...)

Won't go more into concert details as I need to write two reviews on it - suffice to say that at 54, he still has the charisma and energy of a 25-years-old! Well, his dance not as vigorous as what it was 20 years back. But his voice was impeccable and great showmanship.. despite the fact he looks a bit rounder now.

Towards the end, I too like other fans stood on chairs and sang and danced myself away.. totally exhausted when I reached home at 1am!

But too bad the photos I took from where I was seated were mostly blur.. as the zoom lens of my digital cam is not powerful enough..

Will blog and post pix on grandma's birthday dinner/family reunion soon..

update: short review of the concert in MM here


Chipmunkrock said...

hmmm Mr Tam a bit tubby doncha think? :D I had a great time at the concert. Makes me feel so in touch with my Chinese self!

jesscet said...

hehe, glad you enjoyed yourself! Mr Tam is more rotund but still has the charisma and voice! wonder whether i'll be watching his concert in 10 years time!

C-CUBE said...

wah so envy u can attend his concert at the HK Coliseum, and summore 10 concerts!!! u r a lucky one

jesscet said...

well, recent years it's thanks to my work - am an entertainment journalist but other than that those in HK and earlier times, I pay for the concerts! so anyone can do that too.. ;)