Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holiday in Mall-Wonderland

It's confirmed. City kids' favourite hang-out places are at the shopping malls. As every big and established mall has at least one `kid zone'.

With the rainy weather we experienced lately, the logical choice would be indoor entertainment. So, for three days in a row, my sis and brother-in-law from Hong Kong brought their kids to one malls after another...

It wasn't until Wednesday that all three of them seemed to have fully recovered from fever.. (yeah, they came here ill) and fianlly they could go out to play! And what a treat too! So on Wednesday, we went to Mid Valley Megamall - Mega Kidz; on Thursday, to 1 Utama - Kids Sportz; and on Friday, Berjaya Time Square - Cosmo Kids.

Of course, some of us adults also took the chance to do some shopping. And although my intention was accompanying my sis to shop and to show her the way to shops which I knew, but... yeah you guessed it, I ended up buying quite a bit for myself! :p

Like on Wed evening, I joined them at Mid Valley after work. Edgar wanted to eat pizza but I don't think his parents were keen. So mom, sis and bro-in-law went to Little Penang to savour the local stuff and I volunteered to keep Edgar company at Picollo Mondo.. (Sean and Alexis had eaten earlier) The food there was really not nice but at least Edgar ate his pizza.

Then mom took the kids and maids home in her car while their parents and me continued to shop. Sis wanted to buy books so we went to MPH - I bought her some interior decor books as her belated birthday gifts. We ended up spending almost two hours there looking at books - from interior decoto cookbooks to kids books and other stuff... Although I initially had nothing in mind but ended up bursting my book allowance for the two months!

On Thursday, the shopping spree got even more exciting at 1 Utama. The kids had a good time at two of the kids zones (the 1st one in the new wing) and had their dinner at Pizza Hut. Then, mom, sis and me ate ours at `Old Town' Kopitiam. Food not bad but a tad bit salty. My `si mat' (stocking) tea was very good though!

All of them seemed quite tired so mom, bro-in-law, the kids and the maids decided to leave first, leaving the two shopaholics - ie my sis and me - continued to shop! Gosh, the place was so huge.. we ended up looking at some accessories and Thai spa products. I was delighted to find that a silver accessories stall has some beautiful charmbracelets. I had always wanted one but could not find any within my budget, even in HK. I selected my own charms - a dog, cross, slipper, fork etc...) and after they're put together, the bracelet is quite lovely! :)

Then as I also bought some very nice Thai spa products since my sis was taking a long time buying hers.. needless to say, I ended up spending quite a lot since I also bought some snacks for the two Js earlier...

We `attacked' another mall the next day - Berjaya Time Square - for its indoor theme park of course. Had lunch together at Chicken Rice Shop and after a while, I had to go back to office.. so this time I didn't really spend but got charged RM30 as my car got clamped! Yeah I parked at a yellow box although it did not obstruct any traffic. Originally the penalty was RM50 but I managed to get a discount. Sometimes you need to be persistant and pain.. :p

Sis told me later only Sean, who is almost 4 - enjoyed the rides as they were a bit too childish for Edgar who is 7 1/2. But Alexis also had a good time.

Later I heard they left town about 4-ish. Just shortly after they got home, they set off to Tesco Kajang and had another shopping spree. Edgar and Sean had a bicycle each, complete with helmet as well. It's for them to play when they come back next time..

I managed to `escape' a dinner thrown by my uncle (dad's cousin) last night and went for Good Friday service at church.. It was a meaningful time of reflection, especially with the music of the choir and the narration/skit. Since their dinner dragged on, i drove to Overseas at Jalan Imbi and joined them - in time for the last course. Which was good since I didn't get to have dinner due to work.

Spent more time with the kids today before they left late afternoon. Alexis was so sweet and adorable.. and she was getting warmed up to me. However, Edgar was so naughty - he was being mean to me - kept calling me names and refuse to be close to me. And Sean was influenced by him! But I know he did it on purpose, not that he really hates me or anything. Why is it that I get bullied by little kids? :(

So now.. the house is strangely quiet and empty tonight... kinda miss the `hustle and bustle' of the whole week.

Here are some photographs taken during the week.. not surprisingly Miu Miu was the most photographed one! But it's also extremely tough to take pix of/with the boys! They just love to run away from the lens!!

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