Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Have Not Written Since Last Monday....

Just realised I have not been writing a proper post for more than a week now..

I have been pretty occupied with things lately. Sis and family came back from Hong Kong last Saturday and so have been spending time with them... especially my nephews and niece. Alexis aka Miu Miu is such a cutie pie.. you can't help but just adore her. :)

Poor kids. They fell ill one after another just when they were coming back here. So they have not been doing much but just staying at home most of the time. Finally by now, all their fevers have cleared and they would be going out tomorrow.

Too bad I have no leave this week. Wouldn't feel right applying for it since I just got back from China two weeks ago and that we're now in this transitional stage to the `new paper'. And suddenly there are a few assignments this week. Unlike last week, I practically had nothing much to do!

Although I have not really been blogging, I have been reading others' blogs. I don't just read the blogs of my friends but also strangers. And sometimes I wonder whether I'm really an addict. But after reading an article in The Star entitled `Hooked on the Net', I felt I was pretty normal, nothing close to the obsessive experience of the interviewees! But I would never want to be anywhere near that also..

It's Easter this weekend.. Easter is never as much `hype' as Christmas is, but it is actually the most significant `festival' for Christians. For the whole gospel of hinges on Jesus Christ dying on the Cross for our sins and resurrected so that we can have eternal life.

I want to go for Good Friday service but alas, I might have to sacrifice it for family commitment. It is the last night before my sis, brother-in-law and the kids return to Hong Kong on Saturday.. and I heard dad is planning a dinner out.

And then on Saturday noon, Stefanie Sun will be coming for a promo tour for her upcoming concert.. she's quite big so I guess I should cover the P.C. But what horrible timing!

In a way, I am feeling the lack of momentum at work lately..

Think I better end this rambling post. Hope there will be more interesting stuff to blog on next time round.. but I'll definitely be posting pix of Miu Miu and her brothers.

p.s. Those medicine was really powerful and effective! I felt much better within two days taking them and then a few days later, my cough has completely gone. I can have my icy drinks and spicy food since last weekend! Thank God ;)


Chipmunkrock said...

who on earth is lim yu zhong? i received an sms from digi saying that i can redeem free tickets!

jesscet said...

he's this new, up-and-coming singer but i really never heard his songs before. he is having a promo tour here but i didn't go for the pc either.. no time.

Chipmunkrock said...

local or HK?

jesscet said...

i thought he was from Taiwan but after doing a search, apparently he's local! (not 100% sure though..:p)