Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Marvellous Mid-Week

I had a rather unusually enjoyable Wednesday! Thanks to not having any work/deadlines (just yet) due to the transition to the new paper and with that 2-weeks break.

Started the day by watching `Election 2' - the sequel to the successful Hong Kong triad movie. Well, it was pretty good but not one that I want to watch again due to its rather grusome violence - in fact it's hard to imagine that human nature could be this ugly and savage.. thankfully some parts were censored and others were rather creatively shot. The scene that was the most disturbing was when Louis Koo chopped up a guy and fed him to an alsation dog, in order to threaten the others to be on his side.. of course, they didn't show the whole process but the blood stain all over his shirt was gross enough.. :-o

Anyway, after lunch with some fellow journos, I just loiterred around Mid Valley for a little while and tried out the new iGallop and iSqueeze at Osim. No I didn't buy them.. they're too expensive although on instalment offers. But its quite tempting though that I might just succumb to it one day..

Back in office, spent my time checking emails, basically loiterring on the Internet and also tidied up things a bit. My next deadline is on May 6 so didn't really need to finish the articles yet.. Thunderstorm came and went.. I got restless and decided to leave the office at 4:40pm and went for a long over-due massage. Oh, i had such a heavenly and relaxing time to have the knots on my back kneaded and soothed..

The traffic home was not too bad as I was still early. Dad and mom were utterly surprised to see me home by 6:15pm! The main purpose I came home early was to spend time with and Jojo & Jelly. Felt that I have been neglecting the two Js a bit in the walking/outing department. Dad also joined me and four of us had a good walk around the neighbourhood in the nice, cooling post-shower weather.

After dinner, mom went for her dancing class and since it was still early, an idea came into my mind and when I told dad lets go to the Taman Connaught pasar malam, he actually agreed too! Three years living in Cheras and we had not visited that famous night market - which was reported as the longest and biggest pasar malam in Malaysia!

So we went.. well, it was not much different from other pasar malam except there were much more apparels on sale compared to food stuff.. it got more and more crowded as we walked. Along the way, we picked up some interesting stuff, including a changing colour alarm clock, an electric mosquito swiper, some earrings (for me of course), a book on healthcare for the senior, and shorts (both for dad) and some other knick-knacks. Finally we bought some kuih and many many fruits, which were cheap and fresh.

It was sad and quite disturbing to come across about five beggars, some handicapped, one even with a young child, sprawled in the middle of the walk-way to get attention! They were such pathethic sights...Dad was quite certain that they belonged to some syndicate. To think of it, the distance that they were paced along the road was quite equal.. Dad gave some coins to the first one we saw but after that, we just walked pass them like others.

I really hope somebody can do something about it. I remember Malay Mail had done an expose on such beggars before. And we were encouraged not to give them money... May be it's time the authorities or social welfare department have do something again.

Anyway, that aside..we had quite an interesting time thronging the pasar malam. Yeah, finally, I got to go there all these years.

Wondering whether tomorrow will be an interesting Thursday. Am a bit `sian' to go to work.. think I will do all my claims, and maybe get some help to fill up my income tax! Oh dear.. that's something I almost forgot. Help!! Deadline is days away!!

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