Sunday, April 02, 2006

*Cough!* *Cough!* (the week that was)

Have been feeling pretty lousy in the past few days or week for that matter.... the cough is quite persistant but the whole throat and lungs area feel very congested, full of phlegm! Voice is still bad too..

Dad was commenting last night that how I whine and moan too much. Maybe I do. But somehow just couldn't help it. So pardon me if I do sound whiny and grumpy.

Work was ok. Thank God for such a flexible job (and bosses ;)) . I can say from Tues to Fri, I only worked an average of four hours a day due to my health condition... even managed to write a story without covering the event - called up another journalist friend who was there. That's the good thing about journalism in Malaysia - we all help one another out. Haha. well, it was just a press conference after all, but if it was an one-on-one exclusive interview, then cannot la. :p

Got comp. tickets to watch M! The Opera on Friday evening.. Well, from the reviews I have heard (a couple of friends even used the word `torture') I was well `forewarned' to have a real low expectation, or better still, with no expectation. I think that was basically the mindset I had.

Could it be that I had expected the worst.. so actually it didn't turn out as bad as I had anticipated. Ok, I didn't love it or even like it much. I think at least it was at least `interesting' and `creative' - whether for the good or bad. But I have to admit that they're over-ambitious to wanting to come out with something so different and `avant-garde' but the end result was too jumbled up.

I mean it was the most `eclectic' (to use a nice word) production I've ever watched but actually it was just way too messy and `rojak'!! You don't know what it was supposed to be - there's elements of pop, swing, Japanese, jazz, Malay (pop and traiditional asli), Western opera, poem, English musical - all dumped in to create a modern art piece!?

Well, aesthethically I thought it was quite stunning - the costumes, stage set, lighting - all pretty captivating. Then there's the music. Hmmm.. I don't know was it supposed to be operatic (thought parts sung in Malay) but whatever it is, the monotony of the tunes would not go well with the average audience.

On the positive side..we know there were true individual talents to be reckoned with - some of the singing and dancing were great.

Anyway, I have rambled on for it was not my intention to do a review on it. Earlier I actually thought of blogging on it and give it the title `Mmm... What to Make of M!?' Then, I read through the floods of comments on and realised I can't be as eloquent as them so I dropped the idea.. But I did post a comment myself there :p

On Saturday, didn't actually feel up to it to even get out of bed. Sorta dragged myself to church for E.E. (Evangelism Explosion) replacement class, as I was too unwell to go last Sat. But I was glad I went as it was not a very `heavy' lesson - and on top of it we had a good time meeting a new friend for our `On-the-job training' or OJT. Now I have to write up a 300-word personal testimony! Knowing me, the word restriction is probably the problem... :p

Finally went to church today after three weeks of absence. I was coughing quite a bit and when I tried to sing with my croaking voice during worship, and the kind auntie next to me said with concern: `I think you better not sing, just sing in your heart'. Good idea, I told her with a smile.

Treated myself to a pedicure and manicure after lunch.. my nails were totally out of shape.. and it was quite nice as I could relax and read in a big armchair. Got some new dog treats for the two Js on the way home.. Oh, today dad got workers over to relay new grass (as the old one was so so ugly with dried bald patches everywhere thanks to the two Js')

So now we have to re-train Jojo and Jelly not to simply pooh everywhere in the garden!
Well, there is supposedly a way to do it - need some work on our parts too. But I wonder whether it will work now that they're so used to doing their businesses everywhere and anywhere! (in the garden that is)

Time flies when you're (not) having fun... It's the beginning of a new week again. And on Saturday, Alexis, Sean and Edgar will be back for a week..! Can't wait to see them!! :D

p.s. Either Blogger or my P.C., and even the electricity were giving me so much problem posting this.. (have to re-post it in the middle of the night!) Argh!

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