Monday, April 03, 2006

Medicine in Multitude!

Woe to me!

Couldn't sleep well cos couldn't stop coughing early this morning. So, decided I better go see doctor this afternoon. And guess what? I was given SEVEN types of medication!! Gosh, I think that must be a record for me!

Before you think I'm in such a grave condition.. really, I don't think I'm that ill. That's the `problem' with visiting a panel clinic. Or in my case, the `in-house' NST clinic. I have experienced it before and so have most of my colleagues. The doctors are simply `over-generous ' with their medicine prescription because they could claim more medicine expenses from my company!

So these are my medicine:

  • Antibiotic -Amoxil
  • Antibiotic - Flagyl
  • Cough mixture - (can't read the name)
  • Cough tablet - Descophan
  • Flu & Allegy - Aerious
  • Swelling - Presdnisolone
  • Fever & pain - Panadol
The way the doctor diagnosed my illness seemed too brief to me. He merely asked me to opened my mouth and said `AHH' and looked into my throat with a torch. And then quickly tested my temperature. He said my throat looked red (thus needs the medicine for swelling) and apparently i'm having a slight temperature..

But he didn't give me an M.C. Ah well.. it was already afternoon..

When I took out the medicine to take at my office desk, I was getting more concerned whether I would have a medicine overdose! Knowing how taking most Western medicine would make us feel quite weak.. o I decided I should cut down the medicine and called up the clinic again.

The kind nurse there, upon hearing my worries, called me back later and said I could drop two of them - namely the one for swelling and the cough tablet. But I have to take both the antibiotics.

Yes, the medicine did take effect on me.. I felt more and more drowsy and so I left office before 6pm. Was basically battling for my eye-lids to stay open during the drive home - thank God I made it in one piece..! So I hit my bed for an hour or so before getting up for dinner...

Just took those medicine again not long ago and am feeling really sleepy again....


Anonymous said...

Getting better now? Hope you are well when we are back. Have you tried seeing Chinese doctor? Also, try taking "king do nim che ngam chuen pui pei pa lo"


jesscet said...

Yeah, the medicine is pretty `powderful'! feeling a lot better and cough also less.. hopefully recovered totally by Sat!

I love the taste of pei pa lo but its not that effective I feel...

BlueHeaven said...

Hey there! wow! not enough medicine ler...! hope ur feeling better =)