Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogs, new paper & uZap!

It's only two more weeks till my blog's first birthday.. and yet i feel that i am losing steam...ie. losing inspirations and motivation to blog..

Already a number of my fellow blogger friends who started about the same time as me, are showing signs of waning... may be it's our age? Cos I realise that most avid bloggers - with the exception of the likes of Jeff Ooi (but again those belong to a different blog category) - are in their 20s. So, among our own group of bloggers, a few had not even blogged for more than three weeks.. for some, it is becoming a two liners, and one even closed it down completely!

And here I am, struggling to keep my blog afloat..Afterall, I'm a writer by profession. So I ought to be able to write.. by hook or by crook, right? hmmm...

That's the challenge I pose myself.

Ok, here are some updates on my work. We are indeed entering the transitional phase now. Sunday Mail just had its last issue while the current Malay Mail will come to an `end' on Saturday (April 29). There will be no publications for two weeks.. and the new revamped paper will hit the newstand on May 15th! Yep, look out for it!

Lest you think that I'll be on a holiday for two weeks.. nope, no such luck. We still have to come to work as usual and get ready stories for the new publication. The time factor is quite crucial and sometimes it is a hurdle. We'll be unable to carry some stories as there will be no publications for that period of time..

On May 2-3, the new MM team will be going on a (compulsory) team-building retreat at Port Dickson. This will be the first time in 12 years I ever go on a trip with the company. Also it will be the first time I stay in the famous NST apartment Sri Pena. Just hope that I will survive.. :p

For this week then, I actually don't need to produce much stories, or none even. Since I have done quite a few last week that will be out this week.. then that's it. But being the `hardworking' journo that i am ( ahem!) I went for an assignment today.. not knowing whether there was space for the story even! But then luckily(?) my editor said I can write a 600-word piece. Well, it is good to support our local talent - in this case, Nicholas Teo. He's such a sweet and amiable chap.. but looks a bit girlish though. He remembered me and said `hi' - I interviewed him a few times including for the 3rd Generation earlier this year.

After the P.C. at Bangsar Seafood, a few of us - Ee Kee, Jessabell, Peter and I - went `ponteng' for tea at Bakerzin in Bangsar Village. Believe it or not, I have been to Bangsar Village so many times but never to that famous cake place. Wow, glad we went coz the cakes were lovely.. we had a chocolate one, a cheese/chocolate, and a Bailey souffle! We talked and made so much noise I think the other patrons were probably happy when we left.

(pix courtesy of Peter - he dubs it `Peter's Angels!' )

Went back to office at 5-ish and worked till after 8pm since it was raining and no point to be stuck in the jam. But it was still jam on Connaught highway at 9pm!! :(

Oh, must mention about last night `Girls' Nite In' at my place. Earlier in the day, there was some concern about the reduction in numbers but thank God that at the end, there were eight people including me.. :)

The highlight of the night of course was the food - our theme was `starters and desserts' and we were supposed to come out with some creative `movie' names and we had some such as `Basil Instinct', `Traffic Light' and my corny `When Potato Met Pea'. Guess we were more engrossed with tasting the food itself.

What we had for dinner: cheese and crackers, bruscetta, black pepper roast chicken, tuna sandwiches, popiah, suatee mushroom, capsicum, potato&green pea soup, chocolate brownie and apple&mango crumble.

It was a delicious meal.. because they're quite small/light in appearance, you don't feel they're a lot but at the end of it, we're really stuffed up.. especially after eating the desserts!

The first `victim' was T.A. who got so sleepy that she just curled up on the sofa for her nap... I then brought the rest on a `tour' of my house and ended up in my bedroom chit chatting, looking at photographs, books, soft-toys... and uZap!

Speaking of it, I had wanted to blog on the Osim uZap for some time but never got to it.. I bought the thing for RM698 end of last year. The instruction was to use it twice a day for 10 mins each. But being the lazy person I am, I only managed to use it once a day and even stopped for a few days some times.. so, can't really blame the thing for non-result I guess..

Since some of my friends were pretty curious about it so i asked them to try it on. But guess what were their reactions? First HL tried it on, then Lynn and then MY.. I just pressed `on' and they LAUGHED so loud! Yeah, it was like they saw something so funny and I had to stop it in a few seconds. Then when LA tried it on, she looked like she was suffering and she exclaimed `Oooh.. my ovaries!!' I stopped it immediately!

I was quite baffled by them. Cos even the first time when I tried it, I didn't feel any of such sensation! Hmmm.. must be my layers of fat that made me immune to the ticklishness or pain that the uZap have on slim people..???

Anyway.. it was just hilarious and we had such a good time laughing away.. all thanks to uZap. Speaking which I must try to use it at least twice a day and see whether it works or not as claimed! If not, it is RM698 down the drain!!


all-aboard! said...

We had a great time at your place and laughing ourselves silly over the uZap!

remember to uZap because uBought ;o)

Chipmunkrock said...

UZap and IZip (my mouth)

jesscet said...

haha! u gals are funny. yeah i think after that nite, i am more reminded to be `zapped'!