Sunday, November 05, 2006

My elephant `massage' and Edgar's close encounters with orang-hutan

A whole week has passed since I left work. And what a busy week it has been... with many outings right till yesterday - when my sis and the kids went back to Hong Kong.

The highlight of the week was no doubt Friday - when we went to A-Famosa Safari Park. All the three kids love animals.. it was a fun and fruitful outing as we covered most of the areas and watched FOUR animal shows - well, the first was a Wild Wild West show, followed by multi-animal show, bird show and culminating the elephant show which ended up a torture for me!

What happened was, after seeing the elephants performing stunts like painting, playing basketball and shooting soccer goals, they asked for two volunteers - a man and a woman. A man volunteered himself but they still needed a woman. My sis asked me to go for it as indeed I am not afraid of the animal.. so after giving it a short thought I raised my hands.

What I was supposed to do was to lie down on my stomach on a mat to receive an elephant `massage'! But HELP!! I got wacked on the bum (never mind that) and then on my upper back by his/her trunk and it was SO painful. The trunk was hitting onto my head too and I had to use my hand to cover it... i think it lasted probably less than a minute but it felt too long and after that the elephang massage my back with his/her foot - that wasn't too bad...

I felt my head still throbbing a bit in pain.. and it was kinda embarrasing (well, I decided to be sporting and show the pix no less!) Oh, but if you think I had it bad, the poor man after me had it worst! He was asked to lie on his back and the elephant proceeded to `massage' his lower abdomen area! and even stepped on it..! :0

Another highlight of the visit was orang hutan's affinity for my eldest nephew Edgar, who is practically fearless of any of the animals! We came across a female orang hutan sitting on a bench and when Edgar went near to her, she couldn't stop touching him and holding his hands not letting go. So yeah, you can say that both of them had a close encounter.

Later when we went to Monkey Islang, Edgar also made friend with another orang hutan (a male on this time) who appearead a little tired. He was on the same `raft' on the way back with us and Edgar sat right next to him!

Indeed Edgar, 8, was really taken to the animal while younger nehpew Sean, 4, was not so daring.. but it must be quite a fascinating encounter for the kids as even for me, this was the first time I got upclose with an orang hutan and indeed their antics were very much like humans!

We also went onboard a tram, secured with grills all over to take us into the `safari area' of the park and saw some wild animlas including lions and tigers but they looked pretty scrawny and thin.

Then there were the tamer animals which were all over..

And the boys and my sis went on an elephant ride

We were blessed by good weather generally and it was not very crowded at all which made the trip more pleasent. But of course, with three young kids around, the adults also got quite tired!

We all had fun.. although it's not a place i would go by myself to visit but I too enjoyed myself - despite that torturous ordeal which in a way is an experience - but hey, who can claim to be massaged by an elephant? :p

for more pix on the A-Famosa trip, go to my Flickr pix via the badge on the right

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