Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free Run with my Two Js!

I DID IT AGAIN! I gave Jojo and Jelly `authorised' freedom to run around the neighbourhood just now for about 20 minutes!

Unlike the only time I've done it one-and-a-half-year ago (which I also posted on it), this time I followed them all the way! Yes.. my dogs are more mature and more obedient compared to before, and guess what, they actually waited for me to catch up with them along the way. :)

You see, since we live in a gated community with very tight security, I feel very safe to walk around at this hour. Well, it poured in the evening and the weather was just so nice and cooling.. and at midnight, the neighbourhood is totally in slumberland at this time during a midweek. Except this owl of course. My two poor doggies not having their frequent walks outdoor (due to the weather as well as me being busy) looking at their cute longing faces, I suddenly had the urge just to give them some FREEDOM (yeah, like the urge i had in May last year!)

It was quite an epxerience - and it was such a pleasant surprise though for they both - especially Jojo the ring-leader (when it comes to outdoor) - wanted my company too! What happened was they would dash forward say 10-20 meters and then just stopped at the pavement to smell around and wait for me to catch up. Once I got near them, they ran again.. and sometimes even back-tracked to make sure I was close enough..

Awwww.. I felt moved and very happy.. Guess what, Jojo even allowed me to go near him and I could even `sit' and `stay' him on the road!

Dogs are such habitual creatures.. even without the leash, they both took the exact route as how dad and I would take them for walks! They didn't deviate! They were leading me but when we came to one point, I decided to take the shorter way (which sometimes we also took them) and led them back to our road1

I have seen how they both could run when given the freeway.. but this time, they didn't run far and stopped a lot of times because of me.

But, dogs being dogs, when we almost reached our house, the two Js wanted more time out and started running away... To lure them, I used their favourite toy to make squeky noise. As I kinda expected. It was my `little shadow' Jelly who was the more obedient one - she just came back into the house compound.

Jojo meanwhile, took another 3-4 minutes before he felt he had enough. But still I was quite pleased with them.. this would not have happened in the past.. I guess at that time, they were just kids and now they are young adults (dog years converted)

So yeah, as young adults, they should be given some `freedom' once in a while. Oh, and they are both quite fat now, especially Jelly. Some running will do them good ;)

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HL said...

So cute wor!!! yea they sound a lot more 'responsible' with their freedom!