Sunday, November 19, 2006

Being at Home...

The week has been busy (again!) and I haven't had much inspirations to blog.. Dad and mom left for Australia for a 2-week holiday and I'm now left `in charge' of the house! Well, it's not exactly freedom, as I have the responsibility to keep an eye on grandma - who is immobile. Our maid Wati has to both take care of her as well as do her housework - and since Ronah left, the new maid STILL has not arrived.. Indonesia seems to be having a LONG holiday since Hari Raya!?

Before parents left, I've been repeatedly told to be at home at most time.. To be honest, I don't have plans to go on a rendevous but there are just days and times I need to go out - ie church commitments, personal training. and then the necessary shopping (groceries esp), running errands etc... Well, I'm trying to keep a balance as best as I can.. but must admit I really hadn't spent that much time home in the last three days mainly due to pre-scheduled commitment in church! In fact, tonight is the first evening I'm eating at home since last Tuesday.. :p

Coming week I'll try to be a home-body as much as I can.. primarily to fulfill the promise I gave to dad and mom and also, I do have work to do - will conducting phone interviews from home. Thank God for the Internet too!

Besides grandma, I also want to spend more time with my two Js. Dogs are very sensitive creatures.. I could tell that both Jojo and Jelly are missing dad and mom respectively! Jojo would keep dad company every morning while he (dad, not Jojo) reads his newspaper in the garden and also for the occasional walks. Jelly meanwhile would sneak into mom's room in the evening when I'm not around and mom would always feed her meats from the soup etc..

Dad and mom had only left for three days and it felt kinda long.. I was telling dad that I'm so used to having them around now that I do miss them quite a lot when they go on holiday! Home feels different.. And this is coming from an independant person who has been in borading school since 11 plus and then lived three years in England (only coming home once a year!) It feels quite funny and ironic. But no, I know I'm not less independent - my work has trained me to go around by myself and I really don't mind at all.. I enjoy doing things on my own most of hte time - including shopping, eating, and even going to movies... I basically like my own company...

But on the other hand, I have been having the luxury of living with my parents that it'll take quite an adjustment to live on my own. There are pros and cons to stay with your parents but I'm lucky that they do not interfere with my personal freedom...and I always have someone to talk to at home.. But I constantly remind myself not to take things for granted. I do feel very blessed when i had to work late and when I return home, the food is already on the table and I just need to microwave it.. after eating, I mostly don't even wash up but just put the dishes in the sink..

But like a Chinese saying roughly translated as `when the horse dies, you walk by foot'.. meaning that I know I CAN survive by myself shall the situation requires... So now I'm telling myself to do as much as I can to contribute to the household and helping Wati especially I'm not working now..

I've not been spending much time at home when I was working.. it's time to try to be a home body again..

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