Friday, November 10, 2006

Jobless Joy

Time flies.. it's the end of the 2nd week of `jobless-ness'! :p

And i'm having fun.. not that my days are idled away or anything.. In fact, i've been pretty busy this week and I can see for the next week to come too!

Quite happy that I've completed an article tonite. A nice editor friend from another paper has asked me to do a couple of beauty-related stories - more stories to come too! Besides the money factor, I think it's important to keep writing - (no, blog excluded as I tend to ramble here.. :p) - so that I won't be rusty. And I do enjoy interviewing people and on top of that, got some freebies too! hehe

Called up the salary department to check on my final payment this afternoon. And was told he just banked it in and it should be in my bank account by tomorrow.. AND the amount was quite a lot more than I've expected! I think it must be due to the backdated new collective agreement.. Cool! So I have more to spend.. hahaha.. (ok, i know i have to be careful)

Anyway, I have a few more freelance jobs in the pipeline as well.. but don't really want to over burden myself with too much work. This period is supposed to be a rest/travelling/pondering-future-direction period.. and also, I want to try to spend more time at home with grandma and the two Js!

I plan to start work again only in March next year.. because I was told to wait for three months at least from an editor who offers me a job (can't divulge too much yet as also nothing in black&white at the moment). So I thought might as well delay another month for Chinese New Year! Hopefully things will turn out well..

Oh, oh.. I will be FINALLY going to Bali!! I have been wanting and pining to go for two years or more now.. Even bought a guidebook quite some time back already. Have initiated and planned a few times but somehow some potential travel companions have let me down.. but now that i've the time.. I told myself I had to go before I start work again.. and even contemplated to travel alone..

But.. I'm glad that I found two fellow-journos friends who are quite flexible with their leaves. I did all the research and bookings - somethink I like to do anyway. Booked this nice hotel in Kuta and since there are three of us, it's pretty affordable. The whole 4-nite trip costs less than RM800 for flights and acoomodation!

I just hope my expectation of Bali is not so high that what I see and experience will be a slight let down.. .

Anyway.. I am going to Taipei and Hong Kong first in December! :)

Yey, it's so so happy to have the time for yourself to do the things you like!! (ok ok, I shall not keep gloating cos many of you reading are actually slogging at work.. sorry.. :p)

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