Friday, November 24, 2006

Fitness for Life

Just over a month ago, I made a decision to be serious in getting fit and signed up for personal training at my gym.

So far, I have already gone for 8 sessions of training.. they're pretty strenuous and tough.. after the firs few times, my muscles ached badly. But I felt good and fitter as I had never pushed myself that far when doing gym on my own..
Then today.. (or rather yesterday evening) I did another major decision - I have converted my current Platinum membership (RM134 per month) to a lifetime membership they call `Infinity'!

To be honest, when I was told about the lifetime membership in the past, I thought I won't bother to consider.. firstly I don't know how long I might stick with this gym, secondly I think although in long run it is cost-saving, the lump sum you have to pay is just too hefty for me..

But funny how things changed and turned out. Just say in the last couple of weeks I have received quite a large sum - call it a parting`gift' from my ex-company (which include my salaries, allowances, bonus and back-dated sums)
So, with this disposable `income' in the bank - and knowing I should be going back to employment in 3 months time or so, when I found out about a new and better rate deal (tie in with certain credit cards), I was very `tempted'. I took my long shower and changing time to think (and even prayed over) and I was convicted.

Am I serious to stay on with the gym? Well, I c
ould see the improvement ever since it was set up early last year taking over the premise of another gym. I was already the member of that old gym and I liked the location and the club premise itself.. so I stayed on. But there were times I had even contemplated changing gym as at one point, it was so crowded even when renovation was not completely done! Very frustrating for someone who was used to a spacious and exclusive feel of the gym..

But in the last few months, and esp. since signing up with P.T., I am really enjoying myself at the club. The woes had minimised. Parking is cheap (during weekdays), I can do other things at the mall before and after.. and it's strategically located from PJ, KL and even where I live - if smooth traffic its only a mere 15 mins drive. To cut a long story short.. yes, since when I jo
ined P.T., I have decided I will stick with the gym..

Yes, the conversion to `Infinity' means if comparing to what I'm paying now monthly, I just need to go on for three years and after that, it practically works out to be FREE for life!!
Ok.. maybe not free.. the deal is, a lump sum - payable in one year instalment, and from year 2 onwards, its just RM88 PER YEAR. I decide to pay all - RM5.5K (at a slight discount compared to instalments). I don't want to have close to RM500 debited from my credit card each month, as I have the P.T. and a few other instalments to pay off already!

So yeah, I'm now a proud `Infinity' member of California Fitness - which has affliliation clubs in many countries esp Hong Kong and Singapore (which i probably visit more often). And we are considered the `premium' members entitled to the best benefits.. and some nice free gifts thrown in for me today. ;)

A pix of my temporary card

To think of it, just three or four years ago, I w
as the most sendentary person - someone who could go without any exercise for the whole year.. maybe just a couple of times in the pool and not really swimming much too! I used to get D, or E for physical education in secondary school. It took me 25 mins to run 2.4km cross country when I was 15 or so. Now, on the treadmill machine, I can cover 2.4km in 18 minutes.. but allowing warm up time even. And I'm more than 20 years older!

No, I'm NOT publicising my gym. For selfish reason, I hope they will have less new mem
bers so the place will be less crowded! But I just want to say how happy and good I feel now with exercise.. and the motivation and interest has come from the gym. Maybe others enjoy other forms of exercises and games. But to me, I would go to a gym to exercise anytime because (just a few reasons though i could go on) :
  • You don't need to find another person to exercise with.
  • You can go anytime you like - it's open 365 days in the year from early morning to midnight.
  • You don't have to worry about the weather
  • It's safer than outdoor exercise eg. jogging, running
  • There are so many varieties of workout to do - cardio machines, weight training, GroupX classes etc.. (within each, there are many more machines and a host of classes to try out)
  • A condusive environment with everyone around you exercising spur you on.
No, i don't go there to socialise with my friends nor to be seen..

Since I'm doing P.T., I plan to go to the gym in Hong Kong at least once when I'm on holiday.. (so not to slack..) But my trainer urged me to go at least twice! hmm.... a bit hard but will see.

I see it as an investment into fitness for life.. more worthwhile than a lot of things I've splashed my money on in the past.
Oh, the good news is, I think at least I've managed to achieve one of my long-term resolutions now! :D

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