Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chef for an evening...

I just had to blog about a `culinary experience' again.. as it felt like a great achievement! I know, many people cook daily so what's the big deal? But for me, it's more like a `once in a blue moon' affair.

Yap, I chose to cook Western again. Somehow.. it just seems more interesting, not necessarily easier. As I decided to cook dinner for my family tonite, I had gone through a few of my recipe book (mainly for quick and simple meals) and found what I wanted to cook.

1. Grilled vegetable and Balsamic salad.
2. Cream of mushroom soup
3. Rump steak in Whisky
4. Roasted baby potatoes

And they required some particular ingredients so I went shopping at Village Grocer after lunch and ended up spending a bomb - on other things too!

I spent like a hour plus in the supermarket and got almost everything the recipes required.. However, I couldn't find fresh rump steak so I got rib-eye steak an it's actually more tender I believe.

With my maid as my assistant, I started at 4:45pm with the mushroom soup, which I did once before to rave reviews! Alas, this time I put too much chicken stock and it was too salty! So I had to add more mushrooms and cream and water.. (not as successful as last time)

I also think I've put too much garlic as the marinate for the steak.. Actually I'm still confused as to what a clove of garlic mean? Is it the whole round garlic (consists of many smaller segment of garlic)?

Half way through, I realised we ran out of aluminium foil! And almost all my dishes needed to be in the oven for grilling! thankfully dad was kind enough to go out to get it for me..

I think the most `successful' dish was the salad.. And I like it too although I think the quantity was a bit too much. The baby potatoes took ages to cook, and the waiting time caused the steak to go cold.. And I think I've over-cooked the steak.. it was almost weldone! :(

Finally, everything was ready and we ate almost three hours after I first started cooking - there were much preparation to do for some.. washing and cutting etc..

The verdict? It wasn't that great nor was it that bad.. and it was a nice change from the normal Chinese food we eat daily. Dad and mom enjoyed it (I think) and finished everything on their plate! even grandma said it tasted good - don't know whether it was just to make me happy.

I felt pretty exhausted! It was not an easy feat but as I managed to accomplish what I set out to do, I felt quite happy...:)

So, of course I had to take pix (again) of what I cooked.. but I think the pix look a bit better than they actually tasted.. :p

Fresh and grilled vegetable to go with balsamic dressing

Mushroom soup that was still a tad bit salty

Grilled rib-eye steak in Whiskey sauce with roasted baby potatoes

Not forgetting the wine that accompanied the dinner..


Douglas said...

The pictures sure look good... Again, how come you didn't cook for us when we were back?

jesscet said...

becos... i was too busy taking you all out!! :p next time la!

boo_licious said...

Bravo! Shall we slot in some time to visit your place and sample yr cooking when Ms. C is back in Dec?

jesscet said...

my amateur cooking is nothing compare to yours! well, of course u guys are welcome to pop by and if u don't mind i can cook something. But hey, i'm sure Ms. C would love to visit ur future home (me too!) and savour the expert's cooking!!

(hmmm.. think i've only tried ur cake once) ;)