Monday, November 27, 2006


Exactly a month ago (Oct 27) was my last day in full-time employement with a company I served for 12 years.

So a month passed and it had hardly been relaxing, but nonetheless quite fun.. Ended up doing some writing agian and still have a few deaadlines to clear before going off for my long awaited holiday next Monday!

But life has been good. Definitely my stress level had greatly diminished.. and have been enjoying pacing my time and doing things.

Just to summarise, here are some `activities' that had kept me quite occupied in the one month of jobless life (in no particular order)
  • working out at gym
  • church ministries and activities
  • driving around town - esp when sis and kids were around
  • freelance writing - including interviewing people
  • job seeking and informal interviews
  • time with Jojo and Jelly
  • groceries shopping - esp when parents are overseas
  • cooking and housework
  • talking to and assisting grandma
  • meeting friends
  • online chatting, surfing, blogging (this prob takes up most time!! :p)
Wow, looks like I did quite a lot compared to when employed!? Not really a `break' or time of relaxation..

Well, December is looming.. am looking forward to my 10 days holidays in Taiwan and Hong Kong.. and then it's back home to mark another year getting older, followed by Christmas and New Year! Will be quite a busy time at church and personal levels!

So yes, I've decided I won't take on any work (nor further job hunt) in December! As am still longing for that elusive real break!

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J said...

Sounds like you have been having a good time though....

I'm so jealous!
Seriously, nice to hear that you're having fun.