Monday, November 20, 2006

What Type of Blogger am I?

You scored as The Photographer. You don�t care about words. The function of your blog is basically, a photo displayer. A little more than an album, because by posting photos in your blog you KNOW that others will see them. You take photos of yourself, of your pets, of everything. Everytime you go out you must take a camera with you, and you certainly have more than one photo album since one cannot hold them all!

The Photographer


The Shouter


The Journalist


The Philosopher


The Addict


The Paparazzi


The Copy-Cat


The Writer


The Lover


Which type of Xangan/Blogger are you?
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It's a long time since I posted a quiz (result) on my blog. I chanced upon this rather interesting one from Sivin Kit's Garden. Well, I don't know how it determined that I'm the `Photographer' for I scored equally as a `Shouter'(?!) and a `Journalist' - the latter my profession. Anyway, I would say that overall it's quite accurate! Try it for yourself! :)

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