Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Little Shadow

Jelly is my little shadow!

As i have mentioned before, Jelly follows me EVERYWHERE! She is literally behind my heels all the time whenever I'm in the house..(when she's awake that is)

Even when I go into the toilet she would sniff at the door, or when I am having my shower, she would wait for me patiently by the shower chamber; and if I am near sitting or lying in bed, she would jump onto the bed and stay there as long as I am in bed...

These days, she is also my alarm clock. When it is about time that I wake up, the maids will release her to come in from the garden and she would dash upstairs and bark at my door.. until I open it to let her in!

Here're some Jelly's recent pix - aint she a cutie? ;)


xaverri said...

Your dogs are really adorable :D

Mine passed away last year and since then my mother's insisted on NOT getting another.. oh well..

Liz Tai said...

Yes, she is such a fluffy cutie! Nicky follows me around the house too. I love how his ears prick up when he sees me sneaking off (I do it on purpose of course). Sometimes I'll hide behind a p8illar and quickly duck away. And shortly you'll hear him pawing towards me.

boo_licious said...

Hee hee, even my kitty does that all the time. She wakes me up every morning by jumping on top of me in bed.