Friday, March 10, 2006

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Something funny happened tonite! (or rather last nite as it's already after 12)

Didn't expect dad and mom to be home so early.. I was just finishing my late dinner (yeah, got home close to 10pm) and clearing up. The back kitchen door was opened and the two Js were wondering around the kitchen. Then all of a sudden, they both dashed outside.. ! Two seconds later I heard my dad's car coming into the porch. Needless to say, the two had `escaped' and gone for their rendezvous again!

Anyway, both dad and mom didn't even realise that Jojo and Jelly had gone out. When I told them, they opened the small door and decided to take a walk to look for them. I went back into the kitchen..

Just half a minute later, I heard some commotion and mom's and dad's excited voices calling `Jojo!', `Jelly'! I came out and saw two dogs dashed inside from the small gate while dad and mom also came inside. `That was FAST!' I thought to myself. And dad quickly closed the gate..

Then, I thought I had a strange sight! A Golden Retriever was running and wandering outside our gate - it was Jojo!

"Jojo is outside!" I shouted to dad and mom. But wait, hadn't Jojo already come in?

Dad then burst out laughing! The dog that he had let in was not Jojo but Jasor - the prisoner dog of a neighbour that has the same coat colour as Jojo. What happened was when they went outside, they saw three dogs charging towards them and since Jasor was the first that came into our compound, dad thought he was Jojo!

And the real Jojo was shut out from his own house!

So we let Jojo came in and let the three of them play together for a while. Boy were they excited! But even when they were playing, mom had difficulty telling Jojo and Jasor apart! Besides their different collar, the biggest difference is that Jasor is thinner than Jojo.

This was the second time I saw Jasor managed to `escape' his prison late at night! He looked so happy unlike the pitiful-looking dog I saw inside his cell when I pass his place everytime...

But soon I had to let Jasor out. That wasn't easy either as he obviously like to be here with us and his two companions! Dad and mom had to hold onto Jojo and Jelly respectively as I lured Jasor out with some treats. Even after he went out, he was wandering in front of the gate for a few minutes before walking home...

And dad could not get over the fact that he could not recognise his own beloved Jojo!! :p


Anonymous said...

Hmmp...maybe u should consider adoption..the prisoner dog.poor thing.


baobao said...

Hahaha, that's hilarious. Poor Jojo must have been bewildered.

You should just hide Jojo in the house, dognap Jasor, change his collar and insist that he's Jojo should your horrid neighbours question. Not as if they will be able to tell the difference since they don't look at him much

Adrian C said...

dog napping? not recommended! maybe u can ask the neighbours to allow POW Jasor to come by maybe once a week. it would do his mental health lots of good.

p/s good to finally meet up with you face to face just now =)!

Anonymous said...

Next time take a picture of the both of them playing together and let us all guess which is which.


jesscet said...

I hope there is next time! But you can see how similar they look from the earlier picture that i've linked.

as to dognap Jasor...errr don't think that's possible! ;) though i would very much want to rescue poor prisoner Jasor but I also can't adopt him as I already have two dogs. and his owner doesn't want to give him up!