Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Latest Gym, Jelly's Latest Bath

What a l-o-n-g day it was.

Got up early (by my standard) for a 10:30am movie preview. `2 Become 1', starring Miriam Yeung and Richie Jen, is an adaptation of a book by a Chinese author on a woman's struggle with breast cancer. It is quite a refreshing theme for a HK drama and the serious subject matter was treated in a light, humorous but also touching manner. Overall it was pretty enjoyable and heart-warming.

Anyway, because yesterday I didn't end up going into office at all, I decided to stay back late to finish as many `smaller stories' as possible. Already planned to go to the gym but sorta hesitated when I left office at 9:4opm! Am glad that finally I ended up going.. the motivation being that at these late hours, less people would be there and I can use which ever machine i like! (Yes, California Fitness MVM is getting really crowded with the increasing number of members it has aggressively recruted!)

This was the latest ever gym session for me so far! But yes, it was good because I could easily get a treadmill machine and also other stations I wanted to work out on.. It was much less crowded too. I took my own sweet time and left the gym at close to midnight (the closign time), showered and all refreshed. I reached home at 12:20am where dinner was waiting for me- dinner at such an unearthy time! :p

Thanks or rather no-thanks to Jojo, I ended the night with more `work' to do! Jojo had been pretty restless these days and maybe it is because I had not been paying him enough attention. Normally when I come back at night, he would recognise my car and would not come out of the gate. But tonite, he was all ready to charge out and I couldn't stop him in time.

Jelly, seeing that her `brother' was having an `outing', was getting very restless and bothered. I thought in order to be `fair', I would just take her out for a short walk. But guess what? she was beyond control and was charging everywhere towards Jojo on the road and finally I just though, what the heck, it's already so late and since Jojo was roaming, I also let Jelly loose, knowing that they would be home soon.

True enough, even before I finished dinner, the two had come back. Jelly was acting a little strange though as she she was very itchy. When I applied ear-drops to both the Js, I found out that Jelly had a few small thorny round thing (must be the seeds of some plants) stuck to her ears! I took them out and they almost pricked my fingers. And as I felt around her body, to my horror, many more of those thorny things were stuck around her feet and body - some in her fur but some close to the flesh! She was obviously feeling uncomfortable too and as I took them out one by one, she too was biting them out and eating them!

It was just too messy and to clear all the thorny stuff, I decided I had to bathe her. So, Jelly had her latest bath ever at 1:10am.

After examining and washing her thoroughly, finally Jelly looks all clean and free of those yucky thorns.. I also spent some time with Jojo passifying him as I could tell her was feeling jealous before bringing Jelly to my room to air dry (under the fan as she hates hairdryers).

And finally, I can at last unwind.. but not before posting this blog while Jelly dozes off on my bed behind me...

Oh, it's time to bring her down now...

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