Wednesday, March 15, 2006

KINGLY Seasfood Feast!

I am so full that I feel numb, dazed.. and a bit sick...

I just had a most extravagant meal in my whole life - for free!

It's quite a rare assignment as I don't usually do food review. But because non-halal food will be served and the guys doing the food review beat are Muslims, I was asked to go. And I wasn't complaining after knowing wha I was about to sample!

It is a new seafood restaurant called King Crab and the speciality is.. what else but the King Crab that can weigh up to 12kg! It also has loads of expensive seafood - lobster, abalone.. u name it.

But, what attracted and surprised me when I read the invitataion it was written that they were going to treat us to their `Presidential Menu' that is worth RM8,888 per table. No kidding! That would be RM888 per person.

Just look at the menu (yes, this was what I had! ) and the cost of each dish for 10 persons:

1. Specialty Four Seasons Appetizer - RM400
2. Stewed Superior Shark's Fin Soup (individual serving) - RM2,400
3. Geoduck Sashimi / Superior Boiled - RM400
4. Lobster Sashimi / Superior Boiled - RM520
5. Superior Stewed Abalone (individual serving) - RM2,000
6. Steamed `So Mei' (fish) in Hong Kong Style - RM1,000
7. Specialty King Crab - Rm1, 500
8. Hong Kong Style Roasted Young Pigeon - RM340
9. Braised Noodles with Lobster Head - RM40
Stewed Bird's Blood Nest with Rock Sugar (individual serving) - RM2,400

Grand Total: RM11,000!

Basically they have gathered all the most expensive food you could think of in this special set. And now, the restaurant is offering this KINGLY feast at the auspicious price of RM8,888!

If my memory serves me right, tonight was the first time I experienced eating such a huge abalone (which I had to share), a 6kg crab with a one-foot long claw, and bird's blood nest (the most expensive type of bird's nest). The seafood was fresh and very tasty but I won't say they're the best I've eaten.

One thing though which could kinda put some people especially small eaters off, is that the portions were humungus! Although we were forewarned to just sample a little of everything, around the fourth course, I was already quite full but the King Crab had not even arrived.

On top of the `impossible-to-finish' Presidential set, they also cooked some of the dishes from the `normal menu' such as buttered prawns, kangkong belacan, deep fried `lai liu ha' (don't know English name- types of shrimps) Of course i could only took a small quantity of each..

So, naturally there were quite a bit of left-overs which we were given to tapau home. And I treated my dad and mom to an `expensive supper' - they got to try the abalone and King Crab and they thought they were pretty good!

Since I'm going to do a food review for the paper, don't feel like writing much in details here and prefer to let the photos I took to speak for themselves.

Unfortunately after posting just one photo, Blogger's image upload had problems and I couldn't upload anymore photos. I will have to do that tomorrow...

Yes, I took photos of each dish.. and the photos are quite a sight. I promise.

But am I gonna sleep tonight? Am still soooo full...!

Updated: THE photos of the dishes!!

The chef holding the 6kg King Crab which was still alive before dinner

The first dish - Four Seasons Appetiser which serving is SO HUGE (but tasted pretty good)

The very pricy superior shark's fin soup which I lapped up

Geoduck sashimi (bottom) and lobster sashimi - either eaten raw with wasabi and a special mint sauce or cooked in soup. I tried both ways and liked both!

The huge and high quality abalone from Mexico - it's a `two-head' one (Chinese speaking)

Steamed `sou mei' - considered the most expensive fish in Chinese restaurant. It has a rather elastic texture.

Restaurant owner Marcus proudly posing with the specialty - King Crab!

Another look at the delicious baked buttered King Crab, which tasted a bit spicy too..

Marcus placed the huge claw of the King Crab on my plate! I only managed to eat a portion of it of course..

Succulent and yummy young roast pigeon - ate just a drumstick

Brasied noodles wih lobster head - extremely tasty but was so full that i just sampled the taste!

Our dessert - the RM200 a bowl bird's blood nest soup which I didn't waste as well..

Me outside the restaurant after dinner.. too full to do anything.


boo_licious said...

Hmmmm, interesting stuff - so you going to write a good review? Same guy who owns Pathlab and Marco's Pizza at that row. Read from fried chillies forum that they were not fantastically impressed with the normal seafood.

King crab is very nice - they'll cook in a various ways as I ate it long ago when Golden Phoenix used to have their promos.

jesscet said...

Wow, you really do know of everything to do with food!! Yep, the Marco guy was there entertaining us..apparently they're doing very well and they joked that with all the reviews coming up, they would have to expand!

Oh i don't know Golden Phoenix had King Crab.

sigh..still too full to sleep.

jer said...

Yummy! yummy! but Pricey! pricey!

boo_licious said...

I read Eu Hooi Khaw's review of his other place, Marco's Pizza hence I found out abt the link. Surprisingly if you read tday's Fried Chillies forum, someone left a not so great review abt it.

all-aboard! said...

I think I'd die the minute I step into this restaurant... just by sharing the air with these sea creatures...