Monday, February 27, 2006

When You Don't Know What to Blog

Blogging has become a habit or a ritual for me.

Somehow although I don't have anything in mind to blog about, I still can't help clicking on the `new post' icon on Blogger...

Well, I had quite an eventful weekend - the Vision Builder's course, a l-o-n-g Canto-pop concert which was pretty enjoyable (read about it in MM soon), the choir practice for Easter and a rather interesting though sleep-inducing guitar concert....

Right now what's in my mind is this - and hoping my boss is not reading: I am getting a little worried over this owl's sleeping pattern and working hours.

My `official' working hours are supposed to be 11am-7pm. But these days, when there are no early assignments (thankfully there hadn't been many lately) I would arrive in the office between 2-3pm.. and work till what ever time I need - usually late at night.

Sounds like I'm on an afternoon shift?

Because I get home late, my dinner time is often after 10pm. And then I will stay up till 3am to finish watching the repeat of the WLT HK series that I'm currently following. I have not been following any programs on TV for a long time but this particular one had got me hooked somehow. Well, thank goodness the series will conclude this Thursday and I don't plan to watch any more series.

And hopefully I could adjust my time back (earlier) a bit and follow a more normal lifestyle again...

Brought Jojo back to see the vet today and am glad that his wound is making good recovery. To prevent any more skin problems in the future, we have to be careful with his diet and also to make sure that he is not exposed to wet and damp surrounding..

It was such a surprise when he voluntarily got into the car! Normally he hates car rides and we have to like push and practically carry him into the car. But he wasn't such a good boy when I came home just now. He rushed out the gate and refused to come back until some 10 minutes later, wearing a guilty look on his face.. hmmm...

On the other hand, Jelly now likes to jump onto my bed! Can't really blame her as I was the one who `invited' her up on my bed once. After that, she became bold and would do that whenever she fancies.. Well, I don't mind as long as she is clean.

Ok, enough rambling on one post.. :p

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