Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jelly's Spacious New `House'!

Thanks to dad, Jelly now has a much larger crate to sleep in!

Although Jojo is no doubt's dad's favourite, but I'm touched that he is indeed very concerned of Jelly's welfare too. On Friday afternoon while I was at work, he went to Pet's Wonderland at MVM and bought the crate that I saw earlier. It was quite a bargain too! The published price was RM252 but with my discount card and I guess it was a special item, dad bought it at RM140!

Jelly looks much comfortable in it as she has more room to move about in it. The bottom is a flat plate rather than grails like the old one. If I can find it, I will get a piece of rug so it will really be a comfy bed for Jelly.

Now we have an extra 2nd-hand crate... Unless there's any taker, or else guess i will donate it to SPCA.

Poor Jojo, the wound on his head is getting worse... It's now the size of a 50 cent coin!! :( I have already started him on a special natural diet recommended by an experienced dog food distributor. According to the guy, with his natural holistic treatment involving nutrition and bath products, he had managed to treat similar cases that were even more critical. I was drawn to it as I am reluctant to have Jojo take more anti-biotics. It seems that each time he is prescribed anti-biotics, the wounds will heal but not long after that, the problem would come back again!

I have to solve the problem at its roots and not just treat the symptoms.. and I do believe that changing his dietary habits and the products he used would help...

However, I think I need to bring him to the vet tomorrow morning first, as I really don't want the wound to get any worse...


Adrian Choo said...

how come jojo has a wound? injured herself or skin problem? if it's the latter - you should check her diet. bathing too often can also result in disastrous results for dogs. remember, they are not like humans who can bathe everyday ya.

jesscet said...

if u have read my previous posts, Jojo has been having such skin problem for a long time! No vet can exactly diagnose the cause but apparently it is quite common among this breed.

no, I don't bathe him often (i know dogs can bathe daily like humans!). I think the wounds are caused by a combination of factors.. they occur exp. during rainy days. anyway, i am going to try out the holistic healing method.. i hope it will work in long run..

btw, Jojo is a `he'! ;)