Sunday, February 19, 2006

Embarking on E.E.

Earlier this year, I have signed up to join the Evangelism Explosion (E.E.) course at my church.

In a nutshell, it is a practical training that teaches us to share the Gospel in an effective and non-threatening way. I've been thinking about it since last year, when church started the course and had since conducted two semesters..

After listening to the sharings and testimonies of some E.E. trainees and knowing that is something I really want to do, I finally I plucked up the courage and commitment to join the 13 week-course.

Today, we had a E.E. lunch followed by a briefing and introductory session.

We were briefed on what we would be doing, and it sounded very exciting and challenging. But one thing came across loud and clear: that it will be a BIG COMMITMENT. Not only are we expected to not miss any of the weekly four-hour class that consists of lesson and also on-the-job training (O.J.T.) - going out to share the gospel), we also have homework to do and most importantly, to pray regularly.

Thus each E.E. trainee has to have two prayer partners. I thank God that the two friends I approached were so willing to be in partnership with me in prayer for this ministry. Lynn was at the briefing today too and we had a chance to pray together.. although the session was a little too short and we hadn't even had time to finish before we were asked to stop..!

The requirement is that the trainees will need to meet up with their prayer partners at least once a week to pray for 15 minutes together...on top of praying by themselves too. We would be able to share our personal prayer requests as well so that our prayer partners can uphold us in prayers.

Going out to share the Gospel is the central part of the course and this would be covered in the O.J.T. every week. That means we will have to think of some `prospects' whom we can visit every Sat. afternoon, and this I heard is probably the toughest asepct of E.E.

Today, E.E. trainer Rubina also taught us to memorise the four blocks or the basic structure of E.E. - in a systematic and easy-to-remember manner. Yes, there will be much more stuff that we need to memorise throughout the course!

It is quite exciting. It feels like I'm going back to school again! But as were reminded, the course is something we have to take very seriously. For what we are doing is God's work, and evangelism and missions is the heartbeat of Christ.

That also means for me, I will have to be more disciplined in my own time management. Instead of spending so much time in front of the PC and `loittering' in cyberworld (blogging, reading blogs, e-mailing etc.) I will have to get my priorities right. Which means I will likely to be blogging less if time does not permit..

The course will commence on March 4. And I'm looking forward to it! :)

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