Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just Justin

Another example of the perks of my job.

Today I met the talented Justin Lo - one of Hong Kong's brightest newcomers in the music world. Having only released his debut album end of last year, he swept more than 20 awards last year and is the first person to win the Best New Artiste gold award in all the four major music awards!

Well, Justin is not exactly a newbie for he has been working behind the scene as a composer and producer for a few years. And yes, he composes his own songs - mostly of R&B genre - and has an amazing vocal to match. The way he croons falsetto can gives you the goosebumps!

I was very impressed after I first saw him sang on TV (one of those awards shows) and when I got hold of his CD, I have been listening to it over and over again as I just love it.

He will be holding his solo concert in Hong Kong in March and April. Too bad I won't be able to watch it...

Back to today. As Justin will be the guest artist of Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung's concert this Saturday, he has already arrived in KL and had his first press conference and meet-the-fans sessions.

He is exactly how I imagine him to be in person. Amiable, subtle and sweet.. answering all questions sincerely. Well, due to the pretty horrible arrangement for the Q&A session which got a few of us journos boiling inside, I only managed to ask him one question.

Later as we were eating, I saw some winners of radio contest asking him to autograph on his new album. So I too became a fan (actualy I had done this in a number of occasions for the artistes I like ;p) and approached him to sign on the album sleeve.

He took a look at me and asked: `you a reporter?' I said yes and then he asked me to spell out my name. He wrote my name and then even drew a small heart on top of his signature. How sweet...! Looks like he remembered that I am from the media.. ;)

I also seized the opportunity to take a photograph together with him and told him that I like his music very much. He smiled and thanked me. Oh yeah, he did put his arms around me for the photograph although it didn't show in the picture.

Ok, ok. I konw I'm sounding like a awe-struck fan. But hey, it is not a crime right? ;)

To be honest, I am more looking forward to watch Justin sing during Saturday's concert (although it would be only two songs) than Leo and Miriam; since I have already watched the two perform in concerts last year.

Guess what I was listening to in the car as I drove home.. Can't wait to listen to his next album and hopefully to meet him again! :)


boo_licious said...

Hmmm, haven't heard abt him before. Looks quite cute though.

jesscet said...

looks is not the factor! (well, he's indeed quite cute but short) It's his voice..and his talents! Gosh I REALLY enjoyed the part when he sang during the concert though he was only a guest. You should check out his album! ;)

Anonymous said...

i went to leo ku n miriam's concert...n actually got a chance to watch their rehearsal (until 7p.m.).
justin was great! his voice is amazing. i mean, he's charming on the stage. he passed by me twice...sadly i dont have his album with me...n i was not allowed to take pic with him that time (as my supervisor told us not to act like a fan).
i like his "good guy" the best!

-yve vonn