Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rambling of a Glutton

Time Flies! It's already Chap Goh Mei or Yuen Xiao ie. the 15th and last day of the lunar new year celebration.

And all I can think of is.. what a glutton I had been.. and needless to say, I've definitely piled on some weight.

Yes, it's nothing but FOOD, FOOD and GLORIOUS FOOD over this fortnight.

Besides all the sumptuous dishes at family gatherings, open houses etc.. I've also been indulging in cookies, chocolates all those fattening snacks/drinks you can think of!

It's an understatement so say that I've a weakness when it comes to food.. and in this area, my sefl-control is probably the weakest..

So when I'm so conveniently surrounded by all kinds of food that I'm easily accessible to, needless to say I just succumb to them..

I know this sounds like a lousy post by I'm still full..and probably not enough blood in my brain to blog something interesting at the moment..

Mom invited her singing teacher and friends over for dinner just now and you can imagine the amount of good food we had for dinner...


Ling said...

food is good. i have hypnotised myself that food wont gain any inches around the waist, which is the worst nightmare ever!

eat well, live well. hehe. thanks for hosting the family gathering the other night. we all enjoyed it. was pleasant!

boo_licious said...

Never mind - go on diet in March and the gym everyday to work it off.

jesscet said...

ling: u're most welcomed! its great catching up with all the `long-lost' cousins.

boo: yeah.. am exercising now. gone to gym twice this week but not exactly on a diet though. :p