Monday, February 06, 2006

Two Js & Fire Crackers

How two dogs can react so differently to fireworks and fire crackers!

The CNY `atmosphere' around my neighbourhood is REALLY `happening' tonight - with non-stop fireworks and firecrackers from my nearby neighours - even more so i seems than on CNY eve!

Jojo was totally freaked out! He was visibly frightened, barking and running amok, and in many instances forced himself into the house and twice ran into my room and hid underneath the sink in my bathroom! I could see he was quite disturbed as he didn't even eat the bread I gave him!

Soon after he got my bathroom, he started digging the bin for tissues and then even found my new contact lens solution box and starting biting it He barked and got aggressive when i tried to go near, much more aggressive than normal. But finally I managed to save the solution but not the plastic case which he chewed to pieces. After many coaxing attempts, I got him downstairs and outside.. He is just too destructive to be inside the house.. poor thing. I know he is still scared...

A scared Jojo after chewing up things in my bathroom

Meanwhile, Jelly is totally indifferent to the fireworks and fire crackers. She was just so cool and the noise didn't bother her a bit! She even voluntarily ran into the garden and remained there for quite some time. While Jojo jumped with hearing the sound of fireworks, Jelly acted as normal. She could even sleep through it!

I was beginning to suspect whether she is a bit deaf. But I know it couldn't be as she is very alert at every small noise, even when she is upstairs in an air-con room, she could hear me when I drive home.

Cool Jelly enjoying herself..

I wonder what time we can have some peace and quiet... I do feel sorry for Jojo but I also wish he could be a bit more like Jelly.

Oh, another different thing about the two Js is how Jojo so dislikes and resists to have his nails clipped, but Jelly actually allows me to clip her nails without any fuss at all!

To think of it, it seems Jelly is the more `abnormal' one... :p

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Adrian Choo said...

Rio was more like Jelly last night. Cool as a cucumber, he just gave a few annoyed barks at the cretins setting off the fireworks as they were moving around outside our gate. Honestly, you would think people would hv more decency since it was a Sunday night. Some of us have to work on Monday!!!