Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My `Angpow Earnings'!!

RM 1,619 - That's the total amount of my `Angpow' money this year!! :)

It's probably one of the highest I've ever recorded! Although the number of angpow packets I received were not that many this time, but the amount had grown - thanks mainly to my parents and two aunts who were feeling generous this year.

Will not spend it straight away but put in savings as usual..


Liz Tai said...

Wahlauweh ... the most I get from angpows would be RM200. :P What to do, I don't have many relatives in KL and all of them Penang-ites somemore hehehe

jesscet said...

haha! so u're reinforcing the saying that Penang-ites are `kiam siap'? didn't know u're from Penang!

I think ever since my sis got married, my angpow money had grown! ;)

curiousmind said...

you lucky lucky girl...since movin away to OZ, I've got NO ONE to give me angpows! some shopping for me will ya? ;)