Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's Back!!

Miracle on my first day back to work after CNY break!

As I was lamenting inside how I have to share the alreadly limited computer terminals with other colleagues from now on, I reached my desk today during lunch time and as I looked down, there was something familiar - my laptop!!

Yeah, my Compaq Armada laptop which was
stolen 13 days ago was returned to me! But without the case..

And it was placed nice at the place it was taken, and most amazingly of all, the `thief' even had the decency to plug in the adapter and put the other end in a pen holder which I always did!

Well, my name tag was peeled off, and as I switched it on, I realised it has been reformatted! So I had to take it to the I.T. support department downstairs to have our desk-top publishing program installed again.

That took few hours so I still ended up using another computer today.

My theory is, the `thief' found out how useless the lap top was with its appaling condition - it definitely won't fetch him any money nor he could even use it himself as most of the keyboard letters were gone. So with some conscience left, he decided to return to me but just take the still good condition (though cheap) case.

Whatever it is, I am happy. :) At least I still have my own laptop to use for work!

p.s. went to Jusco and bought a new laptop case - and now I would definitely NOT leave it unlocked in the office...


Anonymous said...

Amazing! The feeling of getting back what once thought was gone is the greatest!

And where are the photos of the open house?


jesscet said...

oh, i almost forgot! Just posted them already...! :D

Liz said...

Glad you got your computer back!

Your 'pencuri' is "nice". Not! ;) You think he is one of your colleagues? My office too have this problem. We once had RAM chips stolen from the computers, woh!

A sure sign that newspaper companies have to pay their employees more! kehkeh.

boo_licious said...

wow! real miracle. You probably need to get a laptop lock too.

all-aboard! said...

the laptop lock probably costs more than the laptop is worth ;)

jesscet said...

hehe quite true! its in a real sorry condition. Anyway, i resort to just take it with me whenever i leave office..