Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Predicament of an `Over-Sized' Jelly

Jelly is outgrowing her crate!

Not that she is still growing bigger these days but somehow only lately it struck us that how cram she appears to be inside her crate which she sleeps in daily.

I bought the crate together when I bought her in Oct 2004. I was told by the pet shop that she would still be able to use it when she grows to be full size.

Guess the shop-assitant didn't expect Jelly to turn out to be an X-L Miniature Shnauzer!

After discussion with dad, we decided that we would sacrifice space in the house to accommodate a larger crate for her. So today after work before going to the gym, I dropped by Pets Wonderland at MVM to check out some crates.

Most of them were smaller than her existing one. I saw two which were quite nice but the prices were rather steep. On the safe side, I think I needed to get the measurement first. So that was what I did.

Near the crates were some nice (not sure what you call those) `bed-mat'(?) for pets. Jelly always liked to lie on my carpet so I gather she would like something soft to lie on. However, the nice one I saw was a bit too large the price was quite expensive - RM120 for a piece. So while I was contemplating to buy or not, the helpful assistant suggested that I could get another type which was much cheaper - and on sale.

It was like a bed cushion. The Christmas-like red and green design and colours were quite hideous but it felt quite comfortable. The size however looked a tad bit small but I thought Jelly would fit it okay. It was less than RM30, so after a few minutes of deliberation, I just bought it.

When I was driving home, somehow at the back of my mind I had a feeling that Jelly won't like it... And I was right! :(

I tried to introduce and accustom her to lie on the cushion. I practically had to carry her onto it and then she would oblige for a minute or two and then got back onto the floor again. I tried this many times but it didn't work. She really doesn't like lying on it!

Basically there were two main problems. Firstly, it is indeed TOO SMALL for her! She could hardly move before falling off.. secondly, it was also a little too high and lumpy for her liking - making it difficult to balance herself..

Jelly posing on the cushion-bed. She doesn't look comfortable..

However, she would bite the cushion and play with it, and sometimes drag it across the floor. She knows it is HER new `toy'. When Jojo came in and tried to smell the cushion, she got all possessive and even barked at him. Everytime when Jojo went near it, she would stop him from getting near to her toy!

So, looks like this `bed' would just be another toy for Jelly.. until mommy gets her a big new crate and something comfortable to lie on...


Adrian Choo said...

It looks kinda uncomfirtable. Get a big shallow basket instead. My parents pomeranian sleeps on that. Very cute one. But my dawg Rio sleeps underneath my pine trees, red palm and even my car cause he's an outside pooch. Hope you find a suitable 'bed' for Jelly soon.

boo_licious said...

Sometimes I don't want to buy anything expensive for my kitties - get them special bed from USA, they rather sleep in empty Taiwanese Kam box!

jesscet said...

Got Jelly a bigger `house'! She looks more comfy in it...!