Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Enters the V.S.S.

I did it! Finally I made up my mind and submitted the VSS (voluntary separation scheme) form yesterday. Had filled up the form for more than a week but somehow had been delaying handing it in till now.

It has become a rather complicated affair.. with so many uncertainties and `options'. You can apply to leave but you may or may not get it - and if you don't where will you be? You may choose not to leave but you don't know where you end up...

A list came out last week containing the names of about half of the existing MM editorial staff that will be transferred to NST. My name was not there. Which means should I not leave the company, I'll be retained for the new MM.. something I'm not looking forward to (Sports and Ent. paper target at 15-24 years-old headed by totally unknown new people....)

But what are the chances of getting VSS? Well, I have heard some `rumours' from various sources. The company has a quota of 400 this time and so far only 100 plus has submitted. The deadline to submit for non MM staff was today while for us, it will be next Monday. Logically it would mean that those who apply have a high chance of getting it. But I also heard that those on the list transferred to NST stand a even higher chance of getting VSS shall they apply...

My editor's name is on the transferred list. Which means if I am to stay on, he will no longer be my editor.. boo hoo. He's currently on a long leave for some `soul searching' time (in his own words).

Meanwhile, the MM and Sunday Mail executive editor had his last day yesterday. He was given a `golden handshake' - rumoured to be a hefty amount. We had a farewell party for him at the National Press Club on Saturday night but I didn't go finally - too tired. The night before I was just there for another Malay Mail reunion function..

Since I've made the decision, I will just leave it to God for the outcome. Although if I really want to leave, I could make a special request with the Group-Editor-In-Chief, like what happened to a colleague last time round. But I am not going to do that.. I will pray and let God lead. And whatever it is, I am not going to lose sleep over it. Though it is quite frustrating not knowing what is going to happen, but no point to worry and fret as well...

The outcome will be announced on March 13.

People are wondering (IF I get the VSS) what am I going to do after NSTP? Well, I do have some plans in mind but they are not concrete yet. But I will definitely not give up writing - will be doing freelance work for income. After all, it's the only thing I know I can do to earn a living!

Surprisingly, work has been unusually quiet this week so far.. I practically had no assignments till Friday (bad sign?) But in between have to do my weekly album reviews and `gossip column'. To be honest, I rather be busy than to be idle, as it is so boring. But once in a while, it is also quite nice to take it easy.. :p

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