Sunday, February 05, 2006

`Open House' Day

Gosh! I'm sooooo stuffed and tired! Had a `bustling' and busy day as our home became an `open house' for friends and relatives for the day.

Invited a group of friends - and all in about 20 odd of them came over in the afternoon. Thought CNY is a good time to have such a gathering at my place as friends always say my house is `so far away' and I seldom have guests.

Then in the evening, we had some close relatives over for dinner. It happened that both my aunts from Singapore arrived today, and that another two cousins wanted to visit and also to meet up. And so again, it became a big party of 20 pax! We had a sumptuous dinner split into two groups - the older folks ate in the dining room and us `younger' ones squeezed together at the small table.

It's pretty tiring to play host, what with the preparation and running around.. plus the day had been scorching hot and the air-con not working properly. But I did have a good time. It was great to catch up with friends and relatives over the festive season..

The only problem is.. I overate again! Already munched on snacks in the afternoon and then couldn't resist the good food over dinner. Two mandarin oranges and more drinks made me so so full! I really have to go to gym tomorrow and start to diet again!

Just realised it is the 8th day of CNY which is a BIG day for the Hokkiens. Lots of fireworks and firecrackers were heard in the neighbourhood. And as I'm blogging, the neighbour next door is having a lion dance troupe in their house!

Thank goodness I took tomorrow off as well. So I have one more day to rest before starting work proper on Tuesday... and I'm sure i'll suffer `holiday withdrawal syndrome'. :p

Too drained now.. so will only post pix on the `open house' tomorrow..

update: Finally posted up some pix!

AFTERNOON: Some of the friends who came over....

Jojo became the centre of attention too...

EVENING: Family Gathering

With cousins

Loh Sang!

The Girls...

The guys (incl an older one ;P)

Viv and Ling the two dog lovers


Anonymous said...

Who's the girl next to Wei Yee in the pix titled "the girls"? And papa looks like he has lost a lot of weight!


curiousmind said...

we haven't met but looks like we have a friend in common,the girl with the red snazzy glasses,long hair and wearing blue. we used to be playmates during our primary school days at CBN. what a small small world!;)

jesscet said...

Chin: wei yee is between two girls - both of them are daughters of `siaw hung gu'. Ling Feng (the one next to me) is the dog lover who went with me to the rally!

hehe, that pix makes papa looks quite thin indeed!

curiousmind: Hi, you mean Lynn? This is a small world indeed. what's your name? I will let her know.. ;)

curiousmind said...

ahhh...sorry can't disclose my actual name cos I am blogging on a semi-anon identity (for sanity sake!)but maybe when I return to KL next, we can meet up;. Maybe one day i will come out from the dark!;)
Lynn should know who you are talking about if you mention we were playmates in CBN and my last name is pink (that should ring a bell) and last clue is i moved to oz not too long ago.

boo_licious said...

How strange. Your friend Lynn looks exactly like my cousin's kid Sharon.

jesscet said...

curiousmind: told Lynn already and she has figured out who you are. :)

boo: Really? how old is your cousin's kid ie your niece sharon?

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky you get to celebrate CNY with close family and friends. Not so for me. My dad died 9 yrs ago and mom passed away 3 yrs ago. Those were the lowest points of my life and till now i still remember every second of those days. So cherish every moment you have with them.